Inherit the Skies 12 (Chapters 36 – 39)



Just before the war is over, Gilbert gets news about Adam. He is in a military prison, so he is alive. Yet, he also has bad news. Hugh has been killed. So in this war Gilbert has lost two sons, which shows in his general condition.

When the war ends, Sarah and Adam are not on the same page once again. Sarah refuses to talk to him about their relationship, and Adam is tired of this game. So Sara stays with Eric, and Adam is with Alicia. We still don’t know how Adam took the news of having a son when he and Alicia haven’t been intimate for quite a while. He must know that Guy is not his, so how could he stay with Alicia, especially when he saw his wife romping about with another man? Did he stay with her because of Morse Bailey, the company, or because that way Sarah was closer?

Sarah and Adam still see each other as at long last Eric has allowed her to learn how to fly a plane, and Adam is her teacher. They don’t speak about anything personal, and Sarah is determined to get her licence. This is not the only thing that Sarah has aspirations for. She goes to Gilbert and makes him a proposition. They could expand the business by creating a service for transport and passengers, and Sarah would run it. When Gilbert puts the proposition for approval with the other members of the board, Alicia and Leo are against it, but the others, Adam, Gilbert, Max, and Joe, the accountant, outvote them, so from then on they are to work on the new expansion.

Sarah continues to take lessons from Adam, and one day when they are flying over Worcester, they lose a propeller and they have to make an emergency landing. Sarah is totally shaken since they could have been killed, but Adam, who has experienced worse things in the war, takes this in his stride and just says that they will have to ask who checked the plane before they left. I wonder if Leo tampered with the plane. Getting rid of Sarah and Adam will allow him to take over the company. Maybe this is the reason why Leo left the company in disgrace.

Sarah and Adam have to spend the night in the village near which they landed. Adam is not comfortable because of having to be under the same roof as Sarah overnight. She stirs something in him that no other woman has ever done. During dinner he is curt and rude, and that triggers an argument. They finally say what they haven’t been able to admit for months, and they admit their love, and that night they get together. I think I have to agree with Adam about Sarah; although she had her reasons, it is true that she has played with him like a yo-yo. Even now she doesn’t mention the reason why she refused him when he returned from war. Nothing has changed. If Sarah thought Adam had betrayed her by making love to his wife, why doesn’t that mean a problem now? She also mentioned that she wouldn’t stand between a father and his son, so why does she choose to ignore that conviction? I wonder what will happen after this passionate night together. Will they leave their respective spouses? Or will they keep their affair a secret? We know that Adam eventually divorces Alice, but what about Sarah and Eric? I have the hunch that something might happen to Eric. He has plans to be the first one to fly from South Africa to England, which apparently at the time was a difficult feat, and throughout the book we get examples of pilots who lost their lives trying to be the pioneers in something. So I have the feeling Eric might lose his life on this trip.


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