Inherit the Skies 11 (Chapters 32 – 36)



After Stephen’s death, Sarah manages to muster enough energy to keep going. Shortly afterwards, Lawrence dies, and as he had recently written to Sarah, asking her not to let Leo rule Morse works, Sarah feels this is the push she needs to keep going.

The years pass. Leo gets married, fearing he will be conscripted if he remains single, and James is sent to prison for refusing to join the war. Adam and Eric are still fighting, and on a leave Adam goes to find Sarah. He talks about their love and divorce, and even though Sarah feels guilty on account of Eric, she knows she can’t drown her love any longer. Adam promises to return the next day, but that morning he gets a phone call from his unit. One of the men has died, and he has to cut his furlough short. As he goes to find Alicia, he catches her with one of the convalescent men in the house. Alicia doesn’t even try to justify herself, and she admits that this is part of the care she bestows on the patients. Adam is incensed, and as this incident has delayed him, he can’t go and talk to Sarah. What he does is to ask the butler to make sure Sarah gets a note from his. However, Alicia hears him, and when he leaves, she tells the butler that she would give Sarah the note, but naturally, he doesn’t.

A few months later Gilbert calls Sarah to talk to her. Adam is missing, and Gilbert hopes that he has been imprisoned and not dead. Sarah also learns that Alicia is pregnant, which makes her think that when Adam was on leave, he was with his wife after he had declared undying love to her. What Sarah doesn’t know is that Adam and Alicia haven’t been a proper couple for a long time, and the baby she is expecting is not her husband’s, but the consequence of her attentions to the convalescent soldiers. Since Sarah doesn’t know any of this, she feels betrayed, and she tells herself that even if Adam is alive and returns safe and sound, their story is over.

Oh Alicia. She is a real villain, full of envy and ambition, and not caring if she hurts others. So horrible. No wonder that in the chapters where we see her as an old lady, she is quite lonely.


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