Inherit the Skies 9 (Chapter 19 – 27)



Sarah is unlucky, but she also lets other walk over her. I can understand that she has nobody to lean on, and she decides not to trust those who are fond of her like Adam and Gilbert.

After their eventful visit to Gilbert Morse, Max, Adam’s partner, convinces to try to fight for Sarah, so he goes to talk to her. Yet, the girl is adamant that she wants to marry Eric. So Adam lets her be and gets ready for his adventure in building his plane thanks to the generosity of Gilbert Morse. His words to Sarah don’t leave her indifferent, and then she realises that Adam is right. She doesn’t love Eric the way she should, and she will not be doing him any favours marrying him. So she breaks up with him, and that same day when she is doing her parachuting display, she has an accident, and as a result she is sent to hospital. Gilbert hears about it and arranges for Sarah to move to the house.

As Sarah is recovering, Adam comes to see her, and alongside Gilbert they persuade her to study some accountancy so that she can sort out the bookkeeping for Adam and Max. Little by little Adam and Sarah become closer, and finally, they admit how they feel and start a relationship. Yet, things are not safe for them as Alicia is determined to get Adam for herself, and she just waits for the right time.

Sarah is happy with Adam, and he has even asked her to marry, but she will give him his answer soon. Then Adam decides that it is time for the plane to fly, and when he tries, having Sarah and the rest as witnesses, the plane rises a little but then it crashes. Adam is unscathed but disappointed, but Max tells him that this is a success as the plane did fly. Yet, the problem is that they need to re-make the whole body of the plane, and they don’t have money for that, so it means that they will have to leave.

Sarah comes up with an idea, and she talks to Gilbert, telling him that she should invest in Adam and Max’s plane as it will be a great chance for his company. Gilbert accepts, and that night he invites Adam and Max to dinner. After the dinner, when the men retire for brandy and Gilbert presents his proposition, Sarah and Alicia are left alone. It is then that Alicia attacks. She tells her that her father has great designs for Adam, and one of his wishes is for him and Alicia to marry. Sarah can’t believe her ears, and Alicia threatens to spoil all the chances for Adam unless Sarah leaves as she did years ago. Alicia even tells her that she will tell Gilbert her version of what happened with Hugh years ago. Even though Sarah tries to fight her, she knows Alicia has won. She can’t spoil things for Adam, and Max’s girlfriend, Annie, is now pregnant so they need the money for them to get married. So it is not just her happiness which is at stake. So once again Sarah flees, and she goes to the only person she knows, Eric, and he takes her back and they get married. I understand that Sarah has been put in a very difficult position, but if only she had talked to Adam and Gilbert about what Alicia was doing to her!!!

Adam is forlorn when he hears about Sarah and Adam getting married. Gilbert now wants to turn his motor factory into one which produces planes. His two sons are uncertain about the viability of their father’s aspirations, but Gilbert is adamant. He also tells Adam that he should move from the inn where he lives to the family’s house since Max is now married and has moved somewhere else with Annie, his wife, so realising that he feels lonely, he accepts.

One day the family is snowed in, and Adam gets frustrated as he is unable to leave the house and work in the shed. So he works on the plane blueprints in his room, and Alicia comes in. It is clear that she wants to seduce him, but Adam won’t be a toy in her hands, and he only lets her play her game when he wants to. So in the end it is him who does the seduction, but he also humiliates her, telling her that this is what she wanted and that is what she gets. Yet, Alicia wants more than sex, and she is used to having her way. That night she goes into his bedroom, and they sleep together once again. And then she plays her cards very skilfully when she sends her father to talk to Adam, having told him that what Adam wants to talk him about is a marriage proposal. Adam feels defeated when Gilbert starts enthusing about Alicia and Adam being in love and his plan to call the company Morse Bailey. So Adam silently admits that Alicia has won, and he tells himself that since he has lost Sarah, he could well make the most of what being married to Gilbert’s daughter means, and it is true that he is attracted to Alicia, so it won’t be a torture after all.

We know that the marriage between Alicia and Adam won’t last, and I wonder if it is because Sarah might return for some reason. The First World War isn’t far, so maybe that will change things for Sarah and Adam and their spouses.


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