Inherit the Skies 6 (Chapter 12)



Sarah doesn’t like her new life in Somerset. She is servant to the Carsons, two single ladies and their widowed brother. She finds the whole place too isolated and dry. The other staff don’t treat her too kindly. The cook always finds fault in what she does, and so does the butler. When she accidentally drops a bowl of carrots, the cook gets angry and hits her, ordering her to pick up the bowl and its contents. This brings her mind back to the time when she accidently coddle the eggs and Mrs Pugh hit and kick her, and she reflects that back then she was a child, but now she is a woman. So she rebels against the woman, showing her temper. I wonder why she didn’t stand up to Hugh when he basically raped her. It seems as if we are seeing here two very different girls: spirited Sarah, standing up to the cook, and shy, spineless Sarah, who let this man walk all over her.


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