Inherit the Skies 5 (Chapters 7 – 11)



Poor Sarah! Her presence in the Morse’s household is not easy at all. Both Alicia and Leo despise and hate her. I can understand that attitude in children who have been spoilt, but the worst one is Blanche, Gilbert’s wife. How can a woman be so horrible to a child? She makes some enquiries and finds out that Rachel Thomas never married, so she calls Sarah a bastard who can contaminate the children with her vile background. Naturally, Gilbert gets furious and won’t let her talk him into stopping Sarah from coming to the house. Blanche suspects that Gilbert might be Sarah’s father, but she is afraid to lose her position that she doesn’t say a word.

Five years later Sarah has become a beautiful young woman, and Hugh, Gilbert’s second child, who is eighteen, is besotted with her. Hugh has always been Sarah’s friend and the only one who has treated her kindly. So she doesn’t suspect what will happen. He invites her to go for a ride in his father’s Rolls Royce, and then for a picnic. Hugh has an ulterior motive and after the picnic and some exploration, Hugh jumps her bones and rapes her. I have to say that from the description Sarah didn’t fight him enough. Then the following days Sarah tries to avoid him, but deep down she feels excited about what happened. I really don’t understand that. Then when she goes to the stables to see the mare which is her favourite, Hugh is there, intending for the same to happen again. At once, he is touching her, and even though she protests and tells him to stop, he won’t. Then his older brother appears, they fight as Lawrence tries to defend Sarah. However, Hugh makes his brother’s gentlemanly gesture appear ridiculous, and he pushes her to say that she wants this, and stupid Sarah doesn’t say a word, so Lawrence goes, and when they are left alone, Hugh resumes his seduction and she lets him. I really can’t understand this silly girl. I think she is more intelligent than that.

The following day Blanche Morse calls her to her living room, and Sarah knows she is in trouble. Blanche has heard about what happened the day before, and the account she had was that Sarah seduced Hugh. Blanche accuses her of wanting to entrap Hugh, and she says that she isn’t surprise, given the mother she had. Her accusations go as far as to state that she might do the same with Leo and James, and be a bad influence for Alicia. So Blanche has decided to send her away. She has some friends that need a maid, so that is where she is going. Gilbert is not around as he is in France, visiting a man who is manufacturing aircraft, so Sarah has no one to turn to. She confronts Hugh when she leaves Blanche, but the boy is hateful, saying that what happened was because she didn’t stop him, which she could have done. I have to say that Sarah has been extremely stupid here. I just hope that her liaison with Hugh doesn’t have any more consequences. He is her half-brother!!!


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