Inherit the Skies 2 (Chapter 2)



After her refusal to meet Sarah, Alice is curious about the call. She knows that something important must have prompted Sarah to call her. So she calls Guy, her son, who is the director of the company, and he only tells her that Sarah made a fuss about an expansion they are planning. Alice is not satisfied as he suspects that Guy is hiding something from her, so she calls Sarah and I imagine they are going to meet after all.

We discover something about about Alice. She was married twice, once to Adam Bailey and the second time to the Count von Brecht. Adam Bailey is also Sarah’s late husband, so I image that the animosity between the two women lies on this man they both loved. So I imagine that Guy is Adam’s son, which makes him the half-brother of Sarah’s children? So if that is the case, how can Guy make passes at Kristy, which is his step-niece, isn’t she? Alice is also the daughter of Gilbert Morse, the founder of the company, and the man who Guy wants to make the merger with is Gilbert’s stepson, so I can imagine there is a story there as well.


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