New Book – Inherit the Skies by Janet Tanner (Chapters 1 – 2)


Publishing year: 1990

This book starts with Sarah Bailey, who is a seventy-three-year old lady, who is co-owner of a company which produces aeroplanes.

Now she has a problem as Guy Bailey, the president of the company, intends to merge the company with another owned by someone called Leo de Vere. We don’t know yet how Sarah and Guy are related, but we know that Leo de Vere was the stepson of the founder of the company, Gilbert Morse. We don’t have all the details, but apparently, Leo worked for Morse Bailey once, but something happened that caused his exit. Sarah thinks that the worst thing that can happen is for Leo de Vere to be part of her company as she feels it will be the end of it.

At home she tells Kristy, her granddaughter, about her problem. Kristy is her daughter’s daughter. Sheila, Sarah’s daughter, is only interested in her horses, and apart from her, we know that Sarah has two more sons, Roderick and Miles. Yet, Sarah feels that she can barely trust her own children, and Kristy has always been very fond of her. Now she also tells her granddaughter that the only solution would be to talk to Alicia, Guy’s mother, and they both could join forces against Leo de Vere. Yet, the problem is that Sarah and Alice have a share history, and they haven’t talked in years. I imagine that we will learn more about the details of their stormy relationship, but so far we can guess that both Alicia and Sarah were in love with the same man, Adam Bailey. After she tells Kristy, the girl also says that there could be another solution. It seems that although Guy is old enough to be Kristy’s father, the man finds her attractive, and Kristy reckons that she could convince him that a merger with Leo de Vere is a bad idea. Sarah is shocked and categorically tells her granddaughter that she can’t do what she is planning, and she mustn’t talk to Guy Bailey.

True to her word, Sarah calls Alicia, something she has not done in years. Alicia is astonished to hear her voice, and when Sarah asks her to meet, the woman is adamant that she won’t see her. So Sarah reaches a dead end, and her solution goes to the dogs.

Interesting start. I love Janet Tanner’s books, and I am sure I am going to enjoy this novel.


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