The Forgotten Ones 6 – The End (Chapters 56 – end)




After Lucy finds Aaron Moore, she convinces him that she means no harm and the man finally reveals everything. Aaron tells her that he and Kamil were recruited to work lying driveways, but then they were forced to sleep on the floor of some stables. The men were not allowed to leave as Rory Nash and his son had their cards and documents. Nash exploited them, paying them next to nothing, feeding them just noodles and bread, and making them live in terrible circumstances. Aaron also confesses that they saw Nash kill one man and throwing the body into the river. When they were working for Doreen, Kamil came with the idea of running away, so since only Nash’s son was only watching over them, Kamil took the key for the house and they got inside where they stole Doreen’s jewellery. Kamil and Aaron stayed there until it was safe, and then that first night they stayed in Aaron’s house, but then Kamil went to a pal’s, which Tom reckons must have been Terry’s.

The case gets more complicated when John Boyd, Fiona’s abusive partner, goes missing. ACC Wilson tells Lucy that the man is being investigated for fraud, as he created a dummy company to embezzle money from the council, and the name registered for that company is none other than Rory Nash. Lucy goes to talk to Fiona, who treats her coldly, and when they go to the house, Fiona notices that both John’s and her passport are missing as well as some clothes and toiletries.

After that, Lucy, Tom, Tara, and Mike go out and try to find out the place Aaron said the other men were locked. Lucy and Tom find them in a terrible state, and they are just in time for Sammy, a homeless man, to get his insulin shots. Pedraig, Nash’s son, appears and Lucy goes after him. At first, it seems he is going to escape, but he falls into a hole which the property is full of, and he begs Lucy to help him. In the end, he is arrested while his parents leave him high and dry.

Back at the station, Lucy is told that John, whose mobile has been tapped, called Fiona and they talked for ten minutes. Wilson asks her to talk to Fiona, and even though the woman is more than hostile, Lucy persuades her to tell her where she thinks John is. The place is the house that he is having built. The police arrest Mrs Nash, and then Rory Nash appears in his house and since Lucy’s car is blocking his way out, he tries to bulldoze it. Lucy runs to stop him, and then the man gets out of the car, intending to hit Lucy with the hatchet he killed Haynes and Kamil with. Thankfully, Tom sees the scene and he shoots the man dead.

At the end of the book, not everything is blissful. Tom is suspended while he is investigated for the death of Rory Nash as his wife, who has been incarcerated, claims that Tom shot her husband unnecessarily. She and her son try to save their skin by accusing Rory Nash of everything, and since the man is dead, he can’t deny the accusations.

Things between Lucy and Robbie don’t end up well as she tells him that she is not ready to move in with him. Actually, she has re-decorated her house, intending to stay there as her father is obviously not coming back. Robbie doesn’t take her words well, and even though Lucy is honest, telling him that she wants to be sure that she wants to be with him because she loves him and not because she feels guilty or pity for him, Robbie only hears what hurts him. So I am afraid that this relationship doesn’t have a brilliant future.

Apart from this, there are things that are an improvement. There is some warmth in the last conversation that Lucy and her mother have. Wilson has started calling Lucy the name she and her ex-husband used when Lucy was growing up, Lu. And for the first time Lucy calls her mum.

The relationship with Fiona also improves as the woman approaches Lucy to apologise for being so nasty to her the last time they talked. Fiona admits to having been unfair to her, and she is now thankful to Lucy for helping her with John and making her realise that she needed to take control of her life.

And the last pages are about Grace, the teenage prostitute that Lucy was concerned about. When Lucy called the client’s wife, the woman confronted her husband, and as a result, the man went to find Grace and beat her up. As a consequence, the girl was unconscious for days in the hospital. Days later the client’s wife called the station, intending to report her husband for assaulting Grace, which the man confessed to her. And on the last pages Lucy goes to the hospital as Grace is released, and we understand that the girl is going to live with Lucy from then on. I think that is great!!! I love Grace, and I think Lucy could be so good for her!!!

I really loved the book. I have just started the next and last part (so far) in the series, and I am pretty sure I am going to love it as well.


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