The Forgotten Ones 4 (Chapters 22 – 43)



Things get more and more embroiled as new data crop up. Lucy discovers that Kamil, the dead man in the bin, was part of a gang that repaired Doreen’s driveway, and his fingerprints alongside those of someone called Aaron Moore were found on the woman’s jewellery box. Doreen is relieved when Lucy tells her that the girl working for her, Helen had nothing to do with the burglary as her prints weren’t found on the jewellery box. Helen is the one to mention the men repairing Doreen’s driveway. Later Doreen tells Lucy that a man came to her and almost bullied her into accepting to have the driveway repaired. Doreen admits to having paid all the money to the man even though the work is not finished, and she recognises Kamil as one of the men repairing the driveway. These men knew she was going on holiday, and when Lucy checks for the key that Doreen keeps under a china gnome in the garden, the key is gone.

The police know that Kamil was killed in a boarded-up bank, used by prostitutes. Grace, the teenage girl who Lucy met through the group of homeless alcoholics, calls her to tell her about the blood she has found in the place. The police confirms that the man was murdered there, and they also know that whoever dropped him into the bin used Terry Haynes’s car. Terry, who is a recovered alcoholic, has been his friend and his sponsor in his fight against alcohol, and now he is missing.

When Terry’s car is found charred, there is another surprise for the police. In the boot of the car they find Ciaran Duffy, the undertaker’s son. He has been murdered with a hatchet blow in her head. The man was supposed to withdraw the money from his account that day, and Tom was staking out the bank, but naturally, he didn’t turn up. Lucy discovered that Ciaran had deposited £5,000 recently, and she guesses that the money comes from whomever paid him for swapping Carlisle’s body for the other one.

Personally, Lucy is having some problems. Tara Gallagher, her friend at the station, discovers that ACC Wilson is Lucy’s mother, so she takes umbrage that Lucy didn’t trust her enough to tell her. I think that Lucy was wrong to keep this to herself, because you can’t hide such a fact forever. I know that she didn’t want the others to think that she was getting some special treatment when it wasn’t right. Yet, now her colleagues will think that she had a reason to hide her link to the boss.

Lucy is still in a relationship with Robbie, but she doesn’t know if she is still with him out of love or out of guilt because of what happened with the car bomb. Now Robbie wants her to move in with her, and she panics. I think that is quite meaningful. If she doesn’t want to spend more time with him, that means that she isn’t so much in love with him.

Lucy is also trying to help Fiona, her neighbour’s sister, whose partner mistreats her. Lucy hasn’t told her yet she is a cop, so this won’t end up well. Fiona’s partner works for the council, and she and Burns went to see him once about the boarding buildings that could be vandalised. Lucy had already seen him when she went swimming with Fiona and Jenny, her sister, but the man, John Boyd, didn’t show any signs of recognition. But maybe he just didn’t say anything. Later that day Lucy meets Fiona, and the latter opens up to her and tells her how John controls her in everything, even the money she spends. I wonder if John might tell Fiona who Lucy is if he recognized her at the meeting.

So riveting and intriguing. I am dying to know who is behind all these deaths and the swapping of bodies.


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