New Book – Bad Blood by Brian McGilloway (Pages 1 – 7)


Publishing year: 2017

I have just read the prologue of the new book.

In it Tom, who after overcoming his alcoholism became a very religious man, goes to a church. The priest is Pastor James Nixon, and as he delivers his sermon, he hurls a dialectic attack against homosexuals, urging his parishioners to fight homosexuals, who he calls them depraved. The man ends his speech by saying that a pair of homosexuals have been stoned to death in India, and Nixon believes that what they got was right. My, my!!! What a horrible man trying to stir hatred! I can understand that everybody can have an opinion about everything, but nobody has a right to dictate how others feel or live. It is even more difficult for me to understand that a man of the clergy who is supposed to base his life on love, charity, and comprehension can be so cruel and hateful. I know these cases exist, but I can’t understand that.

Such an intense start! I can imagine what the next case for Lucy and Tom is going to be about.


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