The Forgotten Ones 3 (Chapters 16 – 22)



Lucy still thinks that somehow the two bodies were swapped when Ciaran Duffy, the young undertaker, took Carlisle to be cremated in Belfast. The crematorium manager tells her what time Ciaran arrived, and Lucy thinks that it took him too long to get there. According to the young man, he left just before the service, but then when she checks with the shop where he claims he had a drink, she learns that he got there at 3.30, taking him an hour and a half for a trip that should have taken him 45 minutes. The man in the shop also reveals that there was also a blonde girl, and he sends Lucy the photographs captured by his CCTV system.

When Lucy talks to Ciaran, he explains that the girl is his girlfriend, Lisa, who he met a few weeks before at the girl’s father’s funeral, and he gave her a lift to Belfast as she needed to do some shopping. He also says that it took him longer because he stopped by her house and they had sex. So Lucy and Tom Fielding think that someone might have swapped the bodies while the van was on the driveway.

Then when Lucy checks the information with Lisa, the girl denies what Ciaran claimed. According to Lisa, Ciaran only stayed in the house for a few minutes to use the toilet. Lisa says that she hardly knows Ciaran, but he has been very kind to her since her father died. Yet, it is clear that what Ciaran said was a lie and she wasn’t his girlfriend. Then when she and Tom leave Lisa’s house, they get a call, informing them that Ciaran Duffy has done a runner.

This matter is quite suspicious. We can assume that Ciaran knew about the swapped bodies, but did he swap the two bodies himself? If so, why? Or maybe he was paid to do it? Who by?


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