New Book – The Forgotten Ones by Brian McGilloway (Chapters 1 – 8)


Publishing year: 2015

At the beginning of this book Lucy is in the hospital where her father is.

The man has bruises and is restrained with a leather strap. Upset, she goes to find some hospital staff, and she is told that her father had a violent episode and had to be restrained. The orderly then asks her to help him as there is a body floating on the river. Lucy and the hospital staff manage to get the man out of the river, and when one of the doctors examines the body, she concludes that the man was already dead and even had his wake as he is embalmed.

Thanks to the jacket the dead man was wearing, which was from a golf club, Lucy can identify him as Stuart Carlisle. His great-nephew Tony Henderson tells Lucy that he hardly knew his great-uncle, but as next of kin, he was called to arrange the funeral, and then he was cremated in Belfast. Lucy and Tom talk to the undertakers who swear that they took the body to Belfast, and they have the ashes there to prove it.

Very strange indeed. How did this man end up in the river in Derry?

Apart from that, Lucy is approached from her neighbours, Dermot and Jenny. The woman’s sister, Fiona, is in their house as they suspect her partner has beaten her. Yet, the young woman denies it and doesn’t want to involve the police. Lucy talks to the woman, hiding the fact that she is a policewoman, and Fiona keeps saying that she simply bumped against a cupboard door.


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