Hurt 3 (Pages 218 – 312)



Sarah is finally found.  Lucy discovers that Seamus has a house that belonged to his late parents, and it is there where Lucy finds them. Sarah is okay, and Lucy and Robbie question her at the station. Sarah tells them how she befriended Simon Harris, and he took her to a house where there were also other young girls and more men. Then Harris spiked her drink and when Sarah came to, she realised he had raped her. After that first time, Sarah returned because Harris threatened to kill her mother if she told someone what had happened or refused to come with him. Sarah met Karen at the parties, and when she heard about Karen turning up dead, she got scared. That is why Sarah tried to escape. Knowing that Seamus was leaving for Manchester, she hid in the back of his van, and when the vehicle stopped, she realised that he had stopped in the middle of nowhere. So she told Seamus the truth, and the man agreed to help her, but he never did her any harm. The reason why Seamus lied about his whereabouts because he needed a breather from Sinead, who is hard to deal with.

When Lucy shows Sarah the photograph of Peter Carlin, the girl is shocked and afraid as she claims that he is not Simon Harris. Sarah remembers seeing Carlin, but he is not the man who groomed her. When Lucy asks her about Kay and shows her the photograph, the girl says that she hasn’t seen her before. That means that Kay has nothing to do with the murder of Karen, and Lucy now believes that someone planted the box with the photographs of Karen in the shed to frame Kay.

Since Kay is not involved in the crimes, this means that her being in the restaurant where he was arrested was a coincidence, and their man, the one with the fake accounts was still there. Lucy checks the names of the people who were there that day and who the police questioned. Two men have the characteristics that fit the individual they are trying to locate. The first one turns out to be a dead end, and the other one, Peter Bell, is not at home, but he might be the one.

I like the parts when Lucy and her mother talk. It is clear that Lucy has too much pain and resentment within her. What we can deduct is that Lucy feels that her mother didn’t love her when she walked out on her and her father. Now when her mother expresses her concerns about her safety and how worried she gets, Lucy can’t accept that. It is easier to understand that her mother didn’t love her, but she can’t figure out how a mother can leave her child if she loves that child. The conversations are intense and powerful, but very sad. I really hope that at some point Lucy and her mother can come to an understanding and have a better relationship.


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