Hurt 2 (Pages 146 – 218)



The plot thickens and things don’t get much clearer. The police wait for Simon Harris, the man who sent a text to Sara Finn from an account that the police thought was fake, and when the suspect appears in his red car, he notices the police and flees. The number plate of the car identify the man as Peter Carlin. Lucy and Tom Fleming chase him, and eventually the car falls over the edge into a lough/lake. Instinctively, Lucy rushes out of the car and jumps into the lake, trying to get the man. Yet, the buckle of his seat belt is stuck, and as the car sinks, Peter Carlin says he is sorry for the girls but he didn’t kill any of them. Peter Carlin dies, but the police have no evidence to conclude that he killed Karen Hughes.

The next day Lucy is woken up early. The house of Gene Kay, the sex offender that was temporarily arrested, is on fire and he is inside. When Lucy gets there, she realises that a group of youths have set fire to the house, and painted insulting messages on its facade. The gang keeps hurling bottles at the house, and only when Jackie Logue, the man from the youth club, appears do the youngsters calm down and leave.

Kay also dies in the fire, and when the police search the property, they find a box with the man’s trove of pornography in the shed. The house was searched by Lucy and Tom Fleming the day before, and Tom claimed he didn’t find anything when he had a look in the shed. So Lucy’s mother, ACC Wilson, realises that Tom Fleming is in no condition to work. She heard about Lucy finding Tom on the floor of his house and calling an ambulance. Tom was only drunk, and ACC Wilson, who has known Tom for many years, realises that the man needs to sort out his drinking problem, so she suspends him. Lucy is upset on Tom’s behalf. He is the only one who knows that Wilson is Lucy’s mother as he has known Lucy’s parents for many years. Now Lucy is alone in her unit.

Lucy still thinks that Sarah has fled with her mother’s partner, so she tries to locate him. When she searched the house, she noticed that the man had few clothes in the bedroom, so she believes that he has another place of his own. Sinead, Sarah’s mother, tells her that she only knows that he had a place but sold it when he moved in with her. Lucy finds out the address, and when she checks it, she finds the man who bought the house from Seamus. Now her only lead is through the estate agent who arranged the sale.

When Lucy tries to talk to Burns, she is told that the boss is in Carlin’s house, and the body of a young girl has been found. So Lucy rushes there. The body has been found on the property, but it is not Sarah’s as it is been there for around ten years. Lucy approaches to see the remains and when she notices a shoe, she realises that she knows who the girl is. It is Louisa Gant, the girl who went missing and who Gavin’s father was accused of killing. So what does this mean? Did Carlin kill the girl, or was it Kay or Gary Duffy? Were these three men in cahoots? The psychiatrist that treated Carlin thinks that he couldn’t have groomed these girls on his own initiative. The man was very insecure, and if he was involved in this matter was because he was following someone else’s orders.

Then Lucy gets the call from Robbie, her ex-boyfriend who is a social worker in the care centre, and he tells her that Gavin was supposed to have gone to mass with his grandparents, but he hasn’t returned. Since this is her responsibility in her unit (PPU), she goes to see his grandparents, who don’t know where he is. What she also learns is that Gavin lied to her when he told her that his grandparents had bought him an Ipod. Lucy eventually finds the boy, hanging out with some other boys and Jackie Logue, the owner of the youth centre. Jackie is obtrusive and hostile when Lucy tells Gavin they have to go. I find this guy, Jackie Logue, suspicious. He hangs out with all these young people, and there is something unnatural in his attachment to them and his opinions.


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