Z – 3 (Pages 188 – 209)



Scott and Zelda continue in Europe. They travel to Rome and then in Paris. Scott is giving his last touch to his novel “The Great Gatsby”, and he suggests they can have another child. However, when they are in Rome, Zelda starts feeling pain in her lower stomach, and one night Scott has to call a doctor who urges him to take Zelda to the hospital. A cyst is found in one ovary, so it has to be removed, so the odds of having a child minimize, and we know that Scottie is their only child.

When “The Great Gatsby” is published, Scott is upset when the reviews are positive but not enthusiastic, and the sales are poor. At the same time, the couple continue meeting artists and prominent celebrities. They even are introduced to other ways of life. Zelda meets women who openly admit their lesbianism, and Scott also get to meet writers who are homosexuals. This surprises them, and they realise they are a long way from their origins.

Apart from this, both Zelda and Scott start reading Hemingway. In one of the chapters Zelda mentions that it is Hemingway’s fault that she and Scott drove towards disaster. I wonder what will happen. We only know that Zelda spent some time in a mental hospital, and I am curious to see how that came to happen. I am trying to steer clear of the biographies that you can find on the web. I want to learn the facts from Zelda’s voice in the novel. What I imagine is that their end can’t be a positive one, and I haven’t seen any photographs of them in their old age, so I imagine that they died quite young.


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