The Importance of Being a Bachelor 4 – The End (Pages 157 – end)




I find the three brothers’ behaviour stupid to say the least.

Adam finally hooks up with Steph. After he intentionally runs into her and sends her a postcard, apologising for his past deeds at school, she finally calls him and they meet for dinner. Steph finally comes around, and they start a lovely relationship. They are both in love, but then they go away for a wedding, which is cut short when his mother calls him to inform him that she is going to divorce George. On the way back he doesn’t speak a word, and he keeps thinking that he is going to mess it up with Steph. If his parents were so solid in their marriage and eventually split, how could he do it better? So he stops calling Steph, and it is her who seeks him out, but it is clear from his attitude that he want’s to break up. It is Steph, who wants to fight for them and gives him a deadline, but in the end he is a coward and lets her go. What an idiot!!!

Luke is as stupid as Adam. Following his father’s advice to fight for the woman he loves, he contacts Jayne and meets her. Yet, during their conversation he gets angry and tells her he can’t do this. What does he mean? Doesn’t he want to see his daughter? Why give up now? Jayne seemed to be willing to reach an agreement, but foolish Luke is his worst enemy. When he arranges to meet Cassey, he thinks that this single gesture will be enough to get her back, but he is still not ready to have children. Naturally, Cassey gets upset and tells him that they are through and she doesn’t want to see him again.

And the most stupid brother is definitely Russ. He and Angie move in together, and he claims to be happy with her. Then he runs into Cassey at the supermarket, and she tells him about him and Luke breaking up. Russ offers to be the shoulder to cry on if she needs him. He doesn’t tell Angie about the encounter straight away, and when he does, she is not happy and tells him that he should keep his distance from Cassey. I think she is wrong to do so, but I understand her insecurities. Cassey is the woman Russ has claimed to be in love for years, and now she is free. Which woman wouldn’t fear for her relationship? When Cassey calls to talk, Russ arranges to meet her during a weekend when Angie is away. Cassey tells him about his pain, loneliness, and frustration over Luke, and Russ doesn’t breathe a single word about Angie. When Cassey starts crying, he hugs her in comfort, and then he stupidly kisses her, which freaks her out. Naturally, Russ doesn’t tell Angie about his encounter with Cassey or the kiss. Then some few days when Cassey has had her massive row with Luke, she calls him, beginning him to meet her at a pub. Russ makes up a story about meeting his brothers and goes to the pub to see Cassey. The woman is drunk and with a bunch of friends, and unluckily for him, Russ runs into some friends of Angie’s. In the pub Cassey keeps flirting with him, and when her friends go, he tells him that he is going back with her. Outside her house Russ tells her that he only wants to get back at Luke. In that moment Russ confesses that he has loved her for years, and this is not right. Then when they are hugging and Cassey realises that Russ is right, Angie turns up. Her friends apparently texted her and then they followed Cassey and Russell. Naturally, Angie gets upset, and she won’t have anything to do with Russ, which is totally understandable.

A turning point is when the boys’ father collapses and Luke takes him to the hospital. The young men and their mother rush to be with George. Apparently, George took more than his dose of blood pressure tablets. By this point we learn the reason why Joan wanted to divorce him. I was right. The woman who was supposed to be her maid of honour, had an affair with George. Janet was a good friend of theirs, and when her boyfriend ditched her, George and Joan gave her their support. What Joan didn’t know was that George and Janet had an affair, and she upped and left when he refused to elope with her. Joan knew what had happened the day of Cassey and Luke’s announcement when they were talking about Joan’s wedding and she saw George’s expression, and later he confirmed what he had discovered.

After George has to stay in the hospital for a few days, Joan decides that she can forgive him and have him back at home. Then the other stories also get sorted out, but we hear about them, but we don’t see the conversations and how the problems were solved. The first one is Luke, who after his tremendous row with Cassey, talks to Jayne again, and he learn that she is living in Manchester and has re-married. Jayne admits that she prevented him from seeing Megan back then because she was still in love with him and wanted to hurt him. Now she is in a better place and is ready to let him see his daughter. So in the epilogue, which takes place during the celebration of Joan and George’s fortieth wedding anniversary, we learn that Luke and Cassey are getting married the following week, so I imagine that he finally agreed to start a family. I would have liked to read the conversation and see if Cassey admitting what happened between her and Russ.

The same applies to Russ, who also makes up with Angie. I can’t believe how Angie, who is a very determined and confident woman, had him back after all the lying and cheating he did. Nothing happened between him and Cassey, but he proved to be a terrible friend and boyfriend. I would have liked to have read the conversation and how he convinced Angie to give him a second chance.

As for Adam, it is Russ that finds Steph and takes her to see his brother, and they finally talk and make up.

I loved the book, but I found the boys’ attitudes so selfish and stupid, and then the ending was not what I would have liked. I am glad that they sorted out things with their women, but after suffering alongside them, I would have loved to see the make-up scenes.


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