The Importance of Being a Bachelor 3 (Pages 121 – 157)



Things aren’t going well for the Bachelors. After the kiss between Angie and Russ, he sneaks out of the nightclub when Angie’s friends urge her to join them. Then Russ avoids contact with her, and Angie doesn’t phone or text him either. When she finally texts her about their usual weekly dinner, he declines and makes up an excuse. Yet, when that day he returns home, she is waiting for him. They go to a nearby pub, and as Russ keeps talking about ordinary things, Angie keeps silent. Yet, when they are in the pub, Angie tells him that she can’t do this and storms out. Russ goes after her, and then she tells him that for her the kiss was not a mistake as he had implied, but it was the best kiss in her life. Then she confesses that she is in love with him and has been for a long time. I wonder what this will mean for Russ. We know that he likes Angie, but he believes himself in love with Cassie, so will Angie be happy to get Russ, always suspecting that she wasn’t his first option?

As for Luke and Cassie, things are not going well. They have a talk about parenthood. Luke explains his reasons why he doesn’t want children. If he and Cassie were to start a family, it would feel as if he were giving up on Megan. If one day Megan came to find him – as he hopes he will – and found him play happy families, he would feel as if he had replaced her without another thought. Cassie tries to convince that it doesn’t have to be like this, but Luke can’t change his mind. Then Cassie tells her about her sister being pregnant again and how she feels jealous and full of rage, and as Cassie launches into this passionate speech, Luke realises that what she feels is not a simple whim, but he does long for a baby. Then the next thing we hear from them is that they are now living apart. Luke claims that they just need some distance to sort things out, but how can they solve their problems? Cassie won’t be happy in a marriage that traps her and thwarts her desires to be a mother, and Luke won’t change his mind. So how can they get married with this huge rift between them?


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