Pretending to Dance 2 (Pages 180 – 355)



I am pretty sure that Graham is planning his suicide with the agreement of his whole family. Molly witnesses several strange things. The meetings of the family which she needs to be absent from. And then she sees her mother put something in her father’s pencil case, and when she checks it the following day, what is inside is several pills, and she wonders the reason for this stash. There are also snippets of conversation that she doesn’t understand. Like Amalia and Nora talking about Graham being too tired, or Nora explaining that Amalia will bring a doctor, and Graham saying that this will be the worst summer for Molly. I think that Graham has reached the end of his tether and he wants out of this life. I wonder how it will be done. Will Nora assist him to swallow all those pills Molly saw? Is that why adult Molly cut off all ties with her family? We know that she left North Carolina when she was eighteen, so if I am right and Graham dies when she is fourteen, why the time gap?

Molly’s parents are also worried. After the first time Molly was caught with Chris, her father simply talked to her but didn’t forbid him to so anything. Then the night when her parents are having another family meeting, she goes to stay with Stacy. The girls have planned to sneak Bryan and Chris into the house when Stacy’s mother were asleep. Yet, when Molly arrives at her friend’s house, her mother is leaving them alone to spend the night with her boyfriend. The boys arrive earlier now, and after they have pizza for dinner, Stacey and Bryan disappear into her mother’s bedroom, and even though Molly wants to stay in the living room, she finally follows Chris into another bedroom. They start kissing, and as they kiss, Chris starts getting bolder and Molly more uninhibited, and she ends up naked. Then all hell breaks loose when Stacey bursts out in the room, saying that Molly’s mother is at the door. Soon Nora is shouting and she raises an uproar when she realises Stacey’s mother isn’t there, and she even climbs to the rooms and kicks them out of the house. The reason why Nora decided to come to the house was that she kept ringing to tell Molly goodnight and when nobody answered, she grew concerned.

All the way to the house, Molly gets a good grilling, and the girl feels guilty when she sees her crying. Nora tells her that she won’t see Stacy or Chris again. Molly fears what her father will say, and the following day she hears them talk about the concert of New Kids on the Block that Graham had got Molly tickets for.  Nora thinks that letting her and Stacy go to the concert would be like rewarding them after what they had done, but Graham thinks otherwise. It is then when he tells her that they need to give Molly something to remember in the summer which will be the worst of her life. So when Molly talks to her father, he tells her that she will be allowed to see Stacy as long as it is in the house, and they will go to the concert in Atlanta, but Graham, Nora, and Amalia will also be there. When Molly begs her father to let her see Chris in the house, Graham is adamant and won’t let her have this. Yet, in silence Molly swears that nobody will keep her from seeing Chris. How she will do this, she doesn’t know, and I’m afraid she is going to do something stupid. I believe that she is too young and Stacy is really a bad influence, so her parents are right to be concerned.

In 2014 Molly gets disappointed when she is told that the young woman who had chosen them to be her baby’s parents has decided to keep the child. Yet, a few weeks later Molly gets a new phone call, telling her that Sienna has changed her mind and has decided to go through with the adoption. Molly and Aidan meet Sienna, and they even invite her and her mother into their house. Sienna seems to be a very sensitive girl, who is constantly close to tears. What she wants is to have photographs of her baby girl and see her twice a year. Molly thinks she can do that, and even though she was scared of losing the affection of her adopted child to their birth mother, she thinks she is up to it. She likes Sienna, and she really won’t mind her being in their life. I hope things go well with her, but I’m afraid that she might be bitterly disappointed in the end. And what about her family? Will Aidan get to know the truth about his wife? How will he? And how will the truth affect their marriage?


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