A Serving of Scandal 4 (Pages 180 – 258)



Poor Kate. After all the mess with the matter about Oliver, she finds herself with financial problems as the most important contracts were with the government. What disappoints and angers her is that Oliver never contacted her. We know that he was advised against it, and he intended to go against his adviser, but he didn’t have her phone number and didn’t even remember where exactly she lived. I think that Oliver is a good man and means well, but he is unable to get out of the spiral and obligations that politics involves.

When the scandal breaks, he talks to Ruth, explaining that there was never anything between him and Kate other than a wholesome affinity. Ruth is very cold towards him and says she believes him, but she also talks about some things in their marriage that neither of them was brave enough to acknowledge. Ruth admits that she doesn’t know if she loves him anymore, and she reckons he probably doesn’t love her, at least, the way he used to do.

When the scandal fizzles, something else makes the headlines. Once again Oliver is in the limelight. There are a couple of things that he did that were irregular. One was that he didn’t pay customs duties when Ruth bought a set of Limoges china in France as they sent it with the French ambassador. The second thing is a present that the President of Yemen gave to Ruth when they were there in an official visit. Oliver was supposed to have given the necklace to the national treasure. These two cases are brought to notice by the press, so Oliver feels he has to hand in his resignation. That doesn’t sit well with Ruth, which is the last straw in their problems. So in the end they decide to separate, and Oliver moves to a cottage to be close to his daughters.

On her part, Kate struggles to make ends meet.  The van she bought recently is repossessed as she can’t meet the payments, and then she gets a letter from the bank, informing her of a penalty for her overdraft. Kate doesn’t know what to do. She can’t ask money to her mother as the last time she did so, the woman refused right away, making her feel incompetent. The solution to her problems comes from the source who was the problem to begin with: the press. The journalist who first contacted her still wants to write a story with her version of the matter with Oliver, so despite her feelings about the press, she agrees to be interviewed. The loyalty she felt towards Oliver is not there any longer as she feels she hasn’t been treated well. He didn’t even contact her, and she was the one to suffer most in this matter. I wonder what she will tell the journalist and how her words will be received.

Apart from that, her ex-partner, Chris, contacts her, apologising for the way he treated her in the past. He tells her that he divorced his wife, and the divorce was not amicable, and now his ex-wife is making it difficult for him to see his children. Chris also tells her that he would like to re-establish contact with her and get to know his son. Yet, Kate doesn’t reply to the letter and has no intention to do so. I wonder if this is the last we will hear from him or he will insist and make things difficult for Kate.


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