A Serving of Scandal 3 (Pages 85 – 180)



I feel so sorry for Kate. She finds herself involved in a turmoil without having done anything about it. The press has got wind of a rumour about her and Oliver. There is no truth in it, but people can be so malicious. It is true that Kate is aware that she has strong feelings for Oliver, and whenever she has served a meal in his department, they have spent some quality time together at the end of it. Twice he drove her home when she was without transportation, and he even helped her carry Toby home from her friends’. Amal, her Indian friend, had already warned her that there were rumours spreading about her and Oliver. He overheard a waiter saying that she and Oliver were having an affair. I wonder who leaked that rumour to the press. Someone from Oliver’s side or Kate’s.

Kate first hears about the press from a journalist. She denies everything, but when she reads the article, there are some well-formed sentences that hints something unsavoury going on between her and Oliver. On his part Oliver gets a visit from someone working from him, and he tells him exactly what he should do: get the support of the Prime Minister and his wife, and cut all communications with Kate. As a result, Kate no only loses all the contracts with Oliver’s department but also with other governmental sectors. This means a setback for her business. What worries her more is that the press keeps watch on her property, but thankfully, her friends are there for her. Yet, the journalists are vicious, trying to get photographs by climbing on a ladder leaned against her own house, and when she has to load her van for work, one of them even yanks at her hair to have a better shot. Another thing that concerns Kate is that Oliver has not contacted her whatsoever. I feel so sorry for Kate, but at least, she has good friends that care for her.

What I am also concerned about is that previously in the book Kate mentions that she doesn’t have a website or doesn’t have publicity about her catering business for fear that her ex-partner would want to claim Toby. Chris, her ex-partner, is in Australia, married and with a child. I don’t know if Kate’s fears are groundless or not. Yet, now that she is in the limelight, all her careful precautions might be for nothing, and Chris might learn about her and Toby.


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