A Serving of Scandal 2 (Pages 28 – 85)


In the next chapters we see Kate struggle with her life.

Her mother and stepfather visiting does not help, and she has a mishap when her mother leaves two pots with coq au vin outside in the shed, which she is supposed to serve at a party. So she has to use all her wit and resourcefulness to reverse the chaos. I like Kate, and she doesn’t even get upset with her mother. The only time she gets angry is when her professionalism is questioned and she feels she has been sabotaged like when she is commissioned to cook another dinner for Oliver, and the meddling of the serving staff and Oliver himself make her serve something she is not happy with.

Oliver is delighted with Kate and her professionalism, and he uses her services every time she has a special dinner. At the end of every dinner, he finds her and treats her to a glass of wine. Kate doesn’t have any problems to talk to Oliver as equals, and I have the hunch that this familiarity they have now may lead to something else, which is not what Kate needs with so much on her plate.

We learn a bit more about Oliver. He is ambitious, and it seems that in the past he and his wife used to discuss politics. Yet, when he reached the power in Westminster, Ruth and Oliver seem to lose their common interests. Ruth despises political power, and she only cares about her daughters and horses. She could well live in a palatial house, but she insists on living in their house, and as far as I can see, she never attends her husband’s dinners and meals. As for Oliver, he doesn’t care about horses, which is what Ruth and his two daughters love most in life. I understand that he is a very busy man, but I think he should take more interest in his family, or else, he will end up losing them.


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