New Book – A Serving of Scandal by Prue Leith (Pages 1 – 28)


Publishing year: 2010

The main character in this novel is Kate McKinnon, who is a chef and has her own catering business.

Kate has a five-year-old son, and she is alone to raise her child alone. Her boyfriend left for Australia as soon as he learnt she was pregnant. Her father is dead, and her mother, who tended to spend time with Kate’s brother, finally moved there and married Hank, her daughter-in-law’s widowed father. Now Kate feels quite lonely even though she is very good friends with Talika and her family, who own a restaurant.

Another character that seemingly is going to have some importance in the novel is Oliver Stapler, the Foreign Secretary. Oliver hires Kate for a dinner in his house after he appreciates her work in another dinner where she also cooked. Oliver is married to Ruth, and they have two teenage daughters. It is obvious that things are a bit strained between the couple. Ruth complains that he doesn’t pay her enough attention and Oliver feels she doesn’t understand what his life entails.

I like the start. I imagine that the scandal in the title must refer to something involving Oliver and probably Kate. Maybe they have an affair or something like that.


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