Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses 3 (Chapters 28 – 50)



I have to say that I find Christie’s trip to the United States quite unbelievable. The CEO of the company, Max Alexander, is at the airport to pick her up and then he takes her to dinner. Naturally, Christie is over the moon, as she is besotted by this man’s charm and handsomeness. I find this too fairy-talish, and I just can’t buy it. I have nothing against Max, but it vexes me in books when then rich and handsome guy is the paragon of perfection. I wanted Christie to end up with the ordinary, British guy, Henry, who has been so kind to her since the beginning. Yet, in Chritie’s book there are no comparisons between Henry and Max.

Nothing has happened yet as Christie refused to have a one-night stand when he invited to dinner in his apartment. Then when he goes to London and they meet for dinner, they kiss but Max tells her that he doesn’t want a relationship so she stops things there. I am a bit disappointed as I am not as charmed as Christie with Max. I want her to fall in love with sweet Henry!!! The flapjacks and muffins that he brings her every day impress me more than the luxurious hotels and restaurants that Max can afford. 😦 I think that Max has put me off the plot. I am still rooting for the British guy!!!

The part of the plot that I like more is about Finn. It was quite obvious that there was something wrong with the boy. While Christie is in Washington, he collapses again and is admitted to hospital. When Christie returns, she rushes to be with her son, and she is told that he had a MRI examination. The following day the doctor tells her that Finn has a brain tumour, and that is why he has these headaches and is much smaller than his peers. So he is prescribed a treatment, and the doctor hopes that surgery won’t be necessary.


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