Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses 2 (Chapters 15 – 28)


Christie has a lot on her plate. First, she gets a fright the night that Finn goes out with some friends as the boy is rushed to the hospital after fainting.

The doctors don’t find anything wrong with him. Christie takes him to the optician’s but his sight is okay. Then when he gets sick after another splitting headache, she takes him back to the doctor’s. This time there is a locum, and he wants to get some blood tests. I am afraid for Finn. I think that these strange headaches are worrying.

A good thing also happens. Sh didn’t send the designs that she made for the company, but her mother did, and the CEO of the company Max Alexander is pleased with the results. Then he wants her to make a few other things, using the materials that his company produces. When she skypes him, she finds the man terribly attractive. When Christie sends him the designs, she gets an email, telling her that the position of designer in the UK is hers. Christie is blissful, but her spirits dampen when Max tells her that she has to do some training for a week in Washington. Christie thinks that with all that is going on, she won’t be able to do the training. Yet, everybody encourages her. Robyn, her boss, gives her free time, and her parents and Finn also tell her she should go.

Henry still continues meeting her on the bus. I find Henry sweet and very kind, and I don’t understand why Christie is so reluctant to see him outside the bus. I just hope that she doesn’t do anything stupid and gets silly ideas about the CEO. We don’t know much about Max Alexander, but I don’t like the stories about ordinary women being swept off their feet by rich blokes.

The book is entertaining, but I find the action a bit too slow for my taste.


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