New Book – Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond (Pages 1 – 29)

9781447257806summer at shell cottage_jpg_265_400

Publishing year: 2015

The beginning of this book introduces us to Olivia and Alec Tarrant.

In 1975 they married, and they were on their way to their honeymoon in Cornwall when their car broke down. A man appeared in his car and took them to a B&B, called Shell Cottage. Olivia found the place charming, and even though they spent the rest of their honeymoon in Cornwall, they returned to Shell Cottage the following summer and the others after that one. When they had their children, Freya and Robert, the family spent their summers there. When they learnt that the man running the B&B was retiring and selling up, Alec decided to buy the place as his career as a writer of thrillers is booming. The cottage then became the hubbub of family life in summer. Freya and Robert got married, and Freya had three children.

This year things are different. Alec died three weeks ago, and Olivia can hardly bring herself to think about the summer and Shell Cottage. Alec died of a clot, and Olivia remembers that minutes before her husband received a call and kept telling whoever was on the other side of the line never to call the number again. Melanie thinks that the call must have been from one of his fans, but maybe there is something that Alec had to hide, and maybe the shock of the call killed him. Maybe he had an affair and there is a secret child. Olivia has loved her husband all her life, and she misses her terribly, so if she were to learn that there is something she didn’t know about her husband could be a terrible blow.

One of the chapters is about Freya, who is a GP and is the mother of three children. She is having problems as she feels so stressed with her life that she has found comfort in drinking. Her relationship with her husband seems to go through problems as well.

The beginning is quite promising, and I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy the book.


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