Lie With Lions 5 – The End (Pages 373 – end)




I finished the book this afternoon, and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I expected at the beginning.

Jane and Ellis try to reach Pakistan, and it is a harsh ordeal as they walk in the mountains and have to put up with snow. It is even worse as they have to look after Chantal, who, despite the lack of comfort, is as good as gold. Jane almost gives up on two occasions, but she manages to find the energy to continue. When they have left the worst behind, the Russians finally catch up with them and arrest them. Anatoly and Jean Pierre arrive. The first thing Jean Pierre does is slap Jane hard, and in that moment she realises that she hates him.

Ellis and Jane are moved to the helicopter, and it is there that they manage to get free. The scene starts with Jane slapping Jean Pierre and throwing him out of the helicopter. Then Ellis manages to submit Anatoly and the other two men. When Ellis sits in the pilot’s chair, ready to take control, Jean Pierre jumps into the helicopter, and furious and scared, she shoots at him several times and kills him.

The ending takes place in New York. Jane and Ellis are together, and she has even met his daughter, Petal, and his ex-wife, Gill. Then Ellis tells her that he has left the CIA and has a new job, supervising undercover agents for another state agency, and Jane has got a job in the United Nations. They will live in New York, and then Ellis proposes to her, and naturally she accepts.

Lovely ending and a great novel. I didn’t know anything about the war between Russia and Afghanistan in the 1980s, so it was interesting to read about it even though the novel doesn’t give too many details.


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