Lie With Lions 4 (Pages 280 – 373)



The Russians are defeated and more then eighty men lose their lives. Ellis is ecstatic, especially as Masud tells him that the other two leaders have agreed to the deal. That night, Ellis and Jane talk, and he explains what he couldn’t in Paris. He tells her about his fight to catch terrorists, and she realises that the friends she thought Ellis had betrayed were terrorists. Now she understands that she has been unfair to him.

Later Jane leaves Chantal with Fara and takes Ellis to her secret place in the mountains. There they make love and experience their sexuality as they used to in the past. That chapter is quite graphic, but what is interesting is how Jane realises she never stopped loving Ellis. In my opinion she married Jean Pierre on the rebound, and since she never got to know her husband for real, I feel that their marriage was quite fake.

The following chapter shifts its attention to Jean Pierre. He has been taken to Kabul and is waiting for Jane and Chantal to join him. Instead two men get into his room and beat him up until he has to beg for mercy. When Anatoly turns up, Jean Pierre learns about the Russian defeat. He then says that it was Ellis, who must have guessed the truth; he doesn’t say Jane’s name, but he knows that she must have also revealed the truth. Then Anatoly thinks that they could counteract this defeat by finding Ellis and submit him to trial so that the world will learn that American Imperialism is also in Afghanistan. Anatoly wants to capture him and he will need Jean Pierre.

The following morning when Ellis and Jane wake up, still in their secret place, they see Russian helicopters land in the village. Jane feels afraid for Chantal, who she can see from the mountains on the roof, and she wants to run to the village and get to her. Yet, Ellis stops her, saying that she will only put her at risk. The pair is hidden under the sleeping bag, and they see the Russians gather the people in the village and take them to the mosque. Jane is desperate for her daughter, and she sees Fara  cover her with some cushions that leave the air flow so that it looks like a pile of bedding. Fara leaves the girl hidden and joins the others in the mosque. A soldier checks the house, but he doesn’t even pay attention to the pile under which Chantal is. Then Jane sees Jean Pierre and Anatoly leave a helicopter. They walk to the house, and Jane almost cry in horror. They reach the roof, and Jean Paul looks around, and when he goes to check the rest of the house, to Jane’s horror she sees Anatoly take the pile of clothes and even picks up Chantal, but then he leaves the girl back in the cradle and covers her again. Jane doesn’t understand why he did that, and I don’t either.

When the Russians leave, Jane almost breaks a leg to rush to the house and get to her daughter, who she squeezes tightly against her chest. Chantal is safe, and then she goes to see the people in the mosque. There are three who are injured, one of whom is Abdullah, the mullah who dislike her. None of them are badly injured, but when Ellis returns after having checked the cave where Jane had the clinic, he tells her that the men injured in yesterday’s attack have been killed, including Moussa, the boy who lost his hand to a antipersonnel mine and Jane had grown very fond of.

Ellis explains that what the Russians want is to locate him so that they can make an example of him for the world. Jane knows that if she were to return with Jean Pierre, her future would be a bleak one. He might want to send her to Siberia while he still worked for the Russians. Ellis intends to leave because his presence would put everybody at risk, and Jane decides to escape with him. The only route is a dangerous one, but that is their only alternative.

Anatoly and Jean Pierre continue looking for Ellis and Jane, using as many helicopters as possible. Yet, the task is quite impossible since they could be anywhere. Anatoly thinks that there must be someone who knows where Ellis and Jane are and might talk. Then Jean Pierre thinks that Abdullah, the mullah, who loathes Jane, might speak up, so they plan to ambush him and make him talk. Jean Pierre is really hateful, and he deserves to be deceived by Jane. I think Jane was stupid to marry him in the first place as she didn’t even know him. I really hope that Jane, Ellis, and Chantal get to Pakistan safe and sound. Now after stopping at a village and talking to Masud, they are going to have Mohammed as a guide, but if the Russians find them, I don’t want to think what will become of them.


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