Lie With Lions 3 (Pages 245 – 280)



When the three guerrilla leaders get together in the village, Jane grows suspicious. Even though her behaviour as a woman is frowned upon, she doesn’t care. Mohammed confirms that the leaders have gathered to join forces and the government of the United States has promised to provide armament. When Mohammed tells her that the village where Jean Pierre is supposed to have gone to help the injured hasn’t been bombed, she knows that her husband has gone to contact Anatoly. So she goes to Ellis and asks him if Jean Pierre knew about the meeting of the leaders, and when Ellis confirms that, she tells him and Mohammed what she knows about her husband. They now think that the Russians will attack, but with their knowledge now they have an advantage. So they evacuate the people from the village and get ready to attack the Russians.

I find Jane’s attitude admirable. Revealing what she knows about Jean Pierre might have put her at risk. Since she is his wife, suspicions might have fall on her, but I am glad that Mohammed believed her. I wonder what will happen to Jean Pierre, and how she will eventually face up to her husband. It is clear that he has chosen his ideals over his wife and daughter, and revealing the plans of the Afghans have put his family in terrible danger. So how could Jane get to him after that?


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