A Hidden Life 5 – The End (Chapters 9 – end)




I loved the ending as everybody’s business is settled quite nicely.

When Phyl returns from London, she confronts her husband about Ellie. She is not completely sure that her suspicions were right, but when he asks her how she knows, he knows that she has admitted to his guilt. Phyl is determined to leave him, but Matt begs her not to. He claims that what happened with Ellie was one-off, and the one he loves is Phyl. Eventually, Phyl decides to stay with him. I like it when he tells her he loves her, but the ending for this couple is not satisfactory. In his musings Matt admits to facing Ellie as he will never fancy his own wife, who he loves dearly. That is quite sad, and in his reasoning he sounds as if he won’t follow Ellie because she is unpredictable and unreliable while Phyl is loyal and secure.

Things for Lou get better after the fiasco with Harry. The man running the publishing house, Jake Golden, arranges to meet her to talk about her grandfather’s novel, and almost from the beginning they hit it off, and shortly afterwards they start a relationship. Jake is as smitten with Lou as he is with Poppy, and at the end of the novel they are planning to move in together.

Shortly after she starts her relationship with Jake, she is notified that Manon Franchard has died, and when she reads the letter the woman handed her some weeks ago, she learns that Manon has bequeathed her the house she owned in Britany. Apart from that, Ciaran Donnely, the Hollywood producer, tells her that he likes the screenplay and has put it forward as an option for a film. Lou knows that the likelihood of the screenplay to become a film is quite slim, but she is happy that at least the producer likes her screenplay.

As for Justin and Nessa, he loses all the money from the sale of Constance’s house in some dodgy investment, and at the end of the novel, he and Ellie are going to Argentina as he has plans to invest in some construction business there. Nessa is happy with Mickey, and she gathers the family together to announce that she and Mickey are in love and are getting married in December. This is a shock for most of them, but they react in a pleasant way. I think that I like Nessa much better at the end of the novel when she is happy with Mickey than when she was with Gareth.


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