A Hidden Life 4 (Chapters 8 – 9)



I knew I wouldn’t be wrong. When Phyl is away in London, looking after Poppy, silly Matt goes and cheats on her with Ellie. Even after it happens, he is not regretful. When he is still in the house, he gets a text from Phyl, and he makes up a story about having drunk with his friends during bridge so he has stayed at a friend’s house. What annoys me is that he only worries to be caught, but he doesn’t have a loving thought about his wife. I wonder if Matt has ever loved Phyl, or if she was the one who would marry him and look after the children when Ellie eloped. What a fool! Cheating on his lovely wife would be bad enough, but it is twice as bad to have done so with the woman who broke his heart.

Naturally, Phyl suspects and is pretty sure that Matt is with Ellie. Matt has changed and she has noticed. Phyl is more intelligent than what everybody gives her credit for. I think it is such a pity that she is not appreciated properly. I wonder what she will do if she discovers that Matt has cheated on her for real. In her thoughts she has even considered leaving him and moving in with Lou and Poppy, but after so many years she finds the thought of leaving him unbearable. Yet, how can she be happy with leftovers if Matt’s soul is all for Ellie?

As for Lou, I had a hunch that Harry would disappoint her, and I was right. After spending the day kissing and cuddling, they go to dinner, and when she is considering spending the night with him, Harry goes and tells her that he has behaved badly. Lou doesn’t understand what he is saying, and then he confesses that when he was in America, he met someone and fell in love with her. Lou is as puzzled as I was. He keeps saying that he fancies her but he is love with this other woman. No wonder Lou gets furious. The man is stupid or what? What is he playing at? The worst bit is that after her problems to get close to a man, she finally seemed to have go over it, and then this happens. I like how she gave Harry a piece of her mind. He deserved it!!!!


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