Guilty 4 (Pages 218 – 228)



The third part tells us about the following years. I thought that after his stay in prison Karl could sort out his life, but things have gone from bad to worse. Poor Karl! His house was repossessed as he couldn’t meet payments, so he moved to a bedsit, and when he couldn’t find employment because his stay in prison is in his records. So Karl becomes a homeless man. I was gobsmacked. How can this be? How come nobody has helped him? What about his brother? I understand he is angry and blames him, but how has he let his brother get so low?

As for Amanda, she is a famous TV star after Lar Richardson hired her. Then he and Amanda had an affair, and when she intentionally got pregnant, they got married. Amanda had her son, Marcus, and she admits that she was surprised by the immense love that she feels for her son. I have a bad feeling about this. Karl told her that he would get his revenge, and I wonder if now that he has hit rock bottom, I wonder if his desperation and unhappiness will make him do something to Amanda or her boy.


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