Guilty 2 (Pages 38 – 66)



I feel sorry for Karl. The press are crucifying him, hinting that there was something unnatural in his relationship with Constance. This bashing comes from a journalist, Amanda Powe, and Karl’s editor, Barbara, reminds him that Amanda was one of the candidates Karl interviewed for a post in the music magazine that he is the editor of. Amanda didn’t get the post, and Barbara hints that she must be taking pleasure in having her revenge. Karl thinks that it is preposterous to think that Amanda is focusing on him out of spite.

The thing is that Amanda seems to know too many details of the investigation and Constance’s disappearance, and Karl is inclined to believe that maybe a guard is passing the information onto her. From her articles we learn that Karl spent time in America, where he met his wife. Something happened in Arizona, which Karl kept thinking about, and it seems that whatever it was we get the impression that it is something that would hurt Karl’s image. Apart from that, the profile that Amanda publishes about Karl mentions a seedy episode involving the drummer of rock band that was tried and sentenced for abusing a teenager. Kar had a lot of hate mail when he published a letter of apology from the drummer shortly afterwards the man killed himself. Amanda outlines all this in his article, which doesn’t do Karl much good.

In another article Amanda questions the relationship between Constance and her uncle, and the photograph used for the article is one of Constance with her hand around Karl’s neck and looking at the camera with pouting lips while Karl has his hands up, not enjoying having her picture taken. It is not a nice picture, and when Nicole, his wife, who has taken the children away, calls, she says that it looks ugly and hints at something almost sinister.

The police then search Karl’s house, and they find a bra stuck between the base and the mattress. The bra clearly doesn’t belong to Nicole as it is too small, and it is obvious one that a teenager might wear. The police asks Karl whether the bra belongs to Constance and how the bra ended up in his bed, but Karl has no idea. He says that he and his brother, who live very close to each other, are constantly in each other’s house. Constance sometimes slept in her uncle Karl’s house, but always in one of the spare rooms. Yet, Karl guesses that maybe when he and Nicole were away on holiday Constance slept in the house and used their bed. This matter of the bra is quite strange. We don’t know if it belongs to Constance, but it is quite probable. Then how come the bra was found in Karl’s bed?

I feel sorry for Karl, and I am afraid this is not the only flak he is to receive. I am afraid this road ahead is going to be arduous and hard for Karl and his family. I also wonder what has happened to Constance. Is she dead? If so, why hasn’t her body been found?


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