The Other Side of the Door 6 – The End (Pages 285 – end)



The truth comes out when Neal thinks he, Bonnie, and Sonia could get together and describe the room the way it was when they were there that night. When they do that, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Then in the middle of the night Neal goes to find Bonnie, and he tells her that one of the objects that Sonia added on her list couldn’t have been there because he has it. He shows the figure which he removed that night, and he claims that Sonia must have been in the house before he was, and she must be the killer.

Bonnie and Neal call Sonia, telling her that they need to see. When they meet her, they tell her what Neal suspects, and Sonia finally caves in. She tells them that she went to confront Hayden because she had noticed the bruise on Bonnie’s neck and wanted him to stop hitting her. The scene in before was quite brutal; Hayden hitting Bonnie with both fists because of a comment she made about him being a child. According to Sonia, he was quite smug, and then unexpectedly he came to her, and she thought that he was going to attack her. There was a big confrontation, and Sonia was hardly aware of the object she took and hit Hayden with. Then she panicked and fled, and when Sonia called her to get rid of the body, she didn’t say anything because she was scared, and in  a way she thought that having Bonnie help her get rid of the body was an exchange of favours. She had come to help Bonnie with violent Hayden, and Bonnie was helping her with the consequences.

Neal and Bonnie promise not to tell anything unless someone else is accused. Bonnie thinks that since the police haven’t found much yet, it is unlikely they will find the real killer. The following day Bonnie is still puzzling about what Sonia confessed to, and she remembers a woman she met at a party Hayden took her and the others, and this woman, Myriam, used to know Sonia. So she finds out where she lives and goes to see her.

After returning, Bonnie goes to confront Sonia. The truth is that Sonia didn’t kill Hayden accidentally when she was trying to warn him against hitting Bonnie. It was murder. Hayden had known through Myriam that Sonia had a big secret to hide. In the last school she worked in, there was a charity collection, and Sonia stole the funds. When she was found out, the school didn’t want to cause a stir, so they just let her go on condition that she paid the money back. Hayden found that out, and since he liked to taunt people with the things he knew about them, he did the same with Sonia. It wasn’t blackmail or anything, but Sonia didn’t like what he knew, so she planned to kill him.

After Bonnie tells her about what she now knows, Sonia keeps quiet, admitting to the truth. Then Bonnie tells her that she will keep quiet, and in exchange she will resign from the school they both work for, won’t take another teaching job, and leave the city and Amos. If she doesn’t comply, Bonnie will go to the police. Sonia does that, and without explanation she leaves Amos, who is heartbroken when he tells Bonnie.

In the end they finally play at the wedding, except for Hayden and Sonia, and they do a decent job.

I liked the book, but I found some of the parts a bit implausible. Bonnie as a character was quite flawed, and it was quite annoying how vulnerable she was with Hayden. Even in the present time, after being the victim of his violent rage and knowing that he had deceived her, sleeping with her best friend and hiding the fact that he was married and had a child, she still thinks of him affectionately. I would have liked to have known what Hayden wanted to tell Bonnie the night he was killed. After the night when she kicked him out for hitting her, Hayden left him a note, asking her to come and see her as he had something to tell her. I wonder what that was. Did he want to tell her about his wife and child, or about something that explained his violent streak?


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