The Other Side of the Door 5 (Pages 160 – 285)



I suspected that we would be up for a surprise, and even though Bonnie’s behaviour was quite stupid, I hoped she wouldn’t have killed Hayden. When his body is finally found out and the police come to question her, the truth gradually comes out. Bonnie goes to see Neal, and when they talk, we discover that each had thought the other had killed Hayden. That night something happened between Bonnie and Hayden, and Neal suspecting that Hayden had hit her again went to confront him. The door was open, and Hayden lay dead in the flat. Thinking that Bonnie had killed him, he scoured the flat for her things, and it is him who sent the satchel and her other things. Likewise, Bonnie had thought Neal had killed him when she saw him leave the flat, and feeling responsible, she decided to get rid of the body. I think that was a stupid thing to do, endangering her freedom and Sonia’s when she didn’t know. Even if Neal had killed Hayden, she had no reason to hide the body, and if he killed Hayden, it was him who should have faced the music.

Now the three of them, Bonnie, Sonia, and Neal, are in hot water for tampering with a murder investigation. In the meantime, there is a murderer at large. The police already know that Bonnie lied to them about her relationship with Hayden, and she has lied again, telling them that the night of the murder she was with Neal, who is her boyfriend. The police also know that a woman left the car at Stansted, and a week later the car was retrieved and left in London with the keys in the ignition until a tow truck took it to the pound.  Bonnie had done this when she couldn’t rest assured, and fearing that something in the car might incriminate her and Sonia, she had taken the car from Stansted and had it valeted. Then she left it in a dodgy area with the keys in the ignition, hoping that someone would steal the car, but instead it was towed away.

Now Bonnie would want to come clean and tell the truth, but she knows that the truth would compromise Neal and Sonia, and she knows she can’t do that. I think these three people will get found out in the end. I wonder who the killer is. Hayden wasn’t much liked, and he had tiffs with everybody. For example, the members of his band were in bad terms with him because he had spent some money that belonged to the three of them. Amos was also hostile to him because of the derisive way he treated him. And Joakin’s parents loathed him because his influence had made the boy decide not to go to the university of Edinburgh, where he had a place, and instead take a gap year and then devote his life to music. Maybe one of these people killed him. We can’t discard Neal and Sonia either. Neal claims he didn’t kill Hayden, and I am inclined to believe him, but he was angry with him for having stolen the woman he is in love with and for treating Bonnie so hideously. As for Sonia, she doesn’t have a motive, but maybe there is one, and she was too willing to help Bonnie in this seedy business.


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