The Other Side of the Door 4 (Pages 109 – 160)



I can’t understand Bonnie. I really can’t.  In the ‘before’ parts Bonnie goes to see Hayden perform. After the performance, Bonnie tells herself that nothing will happen with Hayden. Yet, when he invites her to coffee in her flat, and they start talking about Hayden’s performance. She tells him that she liked him, but for some reason that doesn’t satisfy him and before Bonnie knows what is happening, he hit her in the face. Bonnie is shocked and horrified, and at first, she angrily tells him to go. Yet, when Hayden goes all regretful, she takes pity of him and lets him even stay the night!!! I can’t understand that. She has only known this man five minutes, and nothing links her to him, so how can she overlook what has happened? I would have run a mile.

Then she decides to dump Neal, who is nice, kind, and lovely, for this violent guy. Is she stupid or what? Then she admits to Sonia that maybe she doesn’t like nice men. I think this is true for many women, but I really can’t understand it. I can get that it is difficult to leave your man when there is a lot of history and there are children, but Bonnie doesn’t know this man from Adam, and the second time they are together, he hits her so hard that she even bleeds. How can anybody ignore this?

The moment when Bonnie tells Neal that she is not ready for a relationship with him is quite tense. Neal doesn’t want to accept that Bonnie won’t have him, and he believes that with time he will have his chance. He also suspects that the reason why Bonnie is dumping him is because there is someone else even though she denies it. He is no fool.

At present time there are surprises. Bonnie gets a parcel in the post, and when she opens it to find her satchel, who she couldn’t find in the flat when she and Sonia were cleaning. The satchel has all the things she had left in the flat from her times with Hayden. This means that someone knows, but who? Did someone see her dispose of the body? But who? Could it be Neal? Or someone else? Apart from her things, there is a necklace she hasn’t seen before, and without thinking about it, she puts it on.

A few days later her friend Sally comes to help her paint the house. When she keeps staring at her neck, Bonnie gets nervous as she realises she has forgotten about the bruise. Yet, Sally isn’t looking at the bruise, but the necklace. She claims that the necklace belongs to her; it was a present from her husband when they were in Turkey, and she even proves that the clasp was replaced recently. Sally tries to come up with a theory to explain that Bonnie took the necklace from her house when she was rehearsing with the band there. It is then that Bonnie realises that what happened is that whoever sent her the satchel took the necklace that must have been left on the bedside table and put it with the rest of the things. So Bonnie realises that Hayden and Sally had an affair, so while he was with her, he was also with her friend.

When Hayden doesn’t turn up for rehearsal the second time, Joakin is getting anxious. We don’t know the particulars, but Joakin seems to be very fond of Hayden, which his father disapproves. Apparently, Guy doesn’t like the influence of Hayden on his son. Joakin is so eager to find out what happened to Hayden that after the performance he persuades Bonnie and his father to go to the Liza’s flat where he was staying. A neighbour has a key, and to Bonnie’s horror he mentions hearing Hayden with his girlfriend, but she is relieved to hear that the man didn’t see anything. When they get into the house, they realise that Hayden isn’t there, and when they find no passport or any of Hayden’s things, Guy guesses that the man has simply upped and gone. One moment that Bonnie panics is when she sees her grey jacket resting on an chair, but when the two men go to search the rest of the house, she decides to put it on, and neither of the men notices that she wasn’t wearing it before.

Another shock comes when Sally calls to tell her that she has reported Hayden’s disappearance. On the phone Sally admits that she had sex with Hayden twice. She claims that since her daughter was born, she has felt she is losing herself, and for the first time Hayden noticed her, the woman, and not just the mother or the wife. Then they were together, and Sally says she felt the happiest woman when she was with him. What Sally doesn’t seem to know is that Bonnie and Hayden were also together. I wonder if there are more things that Bonnie is going to discover about Hayden. I have the feeling that she is going to be surprised more than once. And who is the person who sent her the satchel? Could it be Neal? Someone rang the door that night when she and Sonia were trying to think of a way to get rid of the body. Was the person at the door who saw them? Whoever was ringing at the door must have seen that the lights were on and someone was in. Could that person have hidden and seen the two women carry the body to the car? If Neal sent her the satchel, I wonder what he wants. Does he want to take revenge on Bonnie for using him?


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