The Other Side of the Door 3 (Pages 77 – 109)



I was pretty sure that the dead man was Hayden, and I wasn’t wrong. We still don’t know what happened between him and Bonnie. How did he end up dead? Did she kill him? Was it an accident or intentional? And why does Bonnie have a bruise on her neck? Did he hit her?

What we know is that after the second rehearsal, there is a tense moment between Amos and Hayden, which ends with Hayden leaving. Bonnie goes to talk to him, and even though she says she should have stopped, she kisses him and they have sex. It is not clear why that happens, but I think it is the mystery in this man that attracts Bonnie. That afternoon she had been flirting with Neal, her friend from university and part of the original band, and she admits that something would have happened if they hadn’t been interrupted. We get the impression that she likes Neal, and then after she avoids Neal for days, he calls on her and she lets him make love to her. I don’t know what she is playing. I know that she hasn’t promised undying love to any of these men, but knowing what we know, I think Bonnie shouldn’t have got involved with two men at the same time. Did she keep on seeing them? Or did she dump Neal for Hayden?

At present time after the terrible ordeal of the previous night Bonnie has to meet the others for rehearsal, and she is all nerves, but I think she manages to control herself. When Neal comes to the house where they rehearse, nothing indicates that there is anything going on between him and Bonnie, so maybe he stopped things when he realised that Bonnie was with Hayden, or maybe after that first time Bonnie decided to stop. We don’t know.

Hayden naturally doesn’t attend the rehearsal. Amos doesn’t miss him, but Joakim does as the young man seems to admire him and thinks Hayden is the best thing since sliced bread. Someone urges Bonnie to call and check on Hayden, but the call goes to voice mail, which doesn’t surprise her naturally. Sonia is also there, but she seems to cope with the situation much better, and Bonnie feels that after what they did the previous night, a barrier has risen between them. Maybe they should talk. I can’t understand why Sonia is not more curious. I would have demanded to know how Hayden had died if I had been asked to get involved. I find Sonia’s attitude strange. She didn’t raised many objections to what her friend asked her, and her lack of curiosity is very weird, especially as any detail that is discovered can mean her incarceration.


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