The Other Side of the Door 2 (Pages 47 – 77)



In the before parts Bonnie meets her ex, Amos, who plays the guitar, but in her opinion his love for music is artificial. Amos agrees to join Bonnie in the bad for Danielle’s wedding even though Bonnie has misgivings about the idea. It is during their encounter that she meets another musician, Hayden. To Amos’s chagrin, the man gets interested in Bonnie and even volunteers to be part of the band, and Bonnie agrees.

The first time the band meets, we can see that there is obvious hostility from Amos to Hayden. Amos hints that there are too many guitars as Hayden has also brought his, and Bonnie then realises that she is already regretting asking Amos to join the band. Now that we have met Hayden, I have the impression that he is the dead man. Bonnie has already given us a few clues: she had a relationship with the dead man, and she mentions a dark, violent streak in him. Evidence of this is the bruise she has on her neck. We don’t know much about Hayden, but he is really a mysterious man who seems to get whatever he wants. Maybe I am wrong, and the body Sonia and Bonnie want to get rid of is someone else’s.

At present time the two friends drive to the reservoir and realise that they have to change their plans some. It is not possible to sink the car with the body in it since the part closes to the land is too shallow. So they have to use a boat to carry the body to the middle of the reservoir and dump the body. Then Sonia thinks they should leave the car in the long-stay car park at Stansted Airport. On the way there they stop a couple of times to get rid of the rug in which they wrapped the body and some other items. At Stansted Sonia realises that there are security cameras everywhere, so she disguises Bonnie with dark glasses and a scarf while she hides in the back. Then she leaves for the shuttle after she and Bonnie arrange to meet at the taxi rank. Bonnie parks the car and rush to where Sonia is waiting. They take the taxi and get home. I wonder what will happen. I don’t think this will leave these two women indifferent. How will they cope? Will the man’s body be discovered soon? Will the police suspect them? And more importantly, what happened between Bonnie and this man? How did he end up dead?


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