The Wardrobe Mistress 6 (Second Part: Chapters 15 – 18)



There is a confrontation between Fern and Alistair about the matter with Tailith. Alistair and Tailith explain what happened that night when he left Talith in the guest room when she was locked out of her flat. What is not clear is why Talith decided to sleep in the master bedroom. In the room apart from Alistair, Fern, and Talith, there is Vanessa and a man, Darrell Highstroke. After some tense moments, Fern begrudgingly admits that he and Darrell are in love and want to marry, and that is why she wants a divorce. To Vanessa’s surprise, Alistair says he has no problem, which contradicts his initial intentions.  Then he says that he has a condition: he will grant her a divorce as long as she admits to the adultery. Fern naturally is outraged since she claims that would kill her father, and she cries she is now trapped in this dead-end marriage.

After that, Vanessa takes Tailith to her house. On the way there, Tailith finally admits that she lied about the place where she took Alistair because she had the hope that he would take her to his place and that way she would be her first. Vanessa upbraids her firmly and I am not sure if it works for the girl. Then when they reach the house, Vanessa realises that her family is quite wealthy. Her grandmother used to be a very famous actress, and was mistress of the king.

At the theatre things are not easy for Alistair. There are rumours circulating about him and his personal problems, so the investors are starting to pull back, so without funds they won’t be able to have the play ready. Besides, Hugo also has problems. She admits to Vanessa that he is a homosexual, and the police are after him when a bobby caught him giving a friend a peck. Now Hugo has to leave, so Vanessa is left alone to shoulder with all the responsibilities.

I have to say that there are parts in which there are too many characters, and I find these parts a bit dull. There are two actors that might be important: the lead actress, Clemency Abbott, who Vanessa has already had some words with, and Patrick Carnford, who has unexpectedly kissed Vanessa much to Alistair’s chagrin.


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