The Wardrobe Mistress 5 (Second Part: Chapters 13 – 14)



Alistair invites Vanessa, Hugo, and Tanith to dinner to discuss the play. After dinner, Hugo leaves, and Tanith begs Alistair to take her and Vanessa to a pub. It is obvious that Tanith wants to flirt with Alistair, but he only treats her as the seventeen-year-old girl she is. When they finally go home, Alistair first drives Vanessa to her flat, and when he takes Tanish, the flat she lives with her mother in is dark. Tanish thinks that her mother is asleep, and she has no key, so in the end he takes her to the house that he shared with Fern.

On Saturday Vanessa has to go to the theatre since Alistair asked her to read a part of the play (the cast actress has sprained her ankle). It is that day that Fern turns up in her room, and she is upset. She has found a scarf with spitfire motifs, and she guesses that it belongs to Vanessa, but it is not hers, but Tanish, and Vanessa manages to convince her friend that the scarf doesn’t belong to her. At the end of their encounter Fern is determined to divorce Alistair, and Vanessa knows that Alistair doesn’t want a divorce.

Then Vanessa tries to avoid Alistair, and he even chases her when she leaves the theatre. Vanessa rushes into a church in which there is a monument dedicated to Father Joseph St Clair, and when she asks another priest about the relationship between Joseph and Eva, she is told that Joseph was Eva’s brother. Vanessa also learns that Eva’s face is burnt because a bomb fell in a pub close to the theatre, and she ran outside to find her boyfriend, who Vanessa imagines was her father. Then she also learns that the man she tried to find went to the hospital a few days later and said that she was nothing to him. Vanessa feels ashamed, thinking that the man was her father, but was he?

Alistair finds her in the church, and then she is forced to share a taxi with him. They talk about Fern and the scarf that she found in her bed. Alistair tries to make fun of it, but then he clarifies that he didn’t sleep with Tanith, but I am not sure if Vanessa believes him. We learn a little more about her late husband, and apparently, he cheated on her before and after they got married. Is that the only reason she thinks her marriage was a mistake? She is quite cagey about her marriage, and I think she is not willing to talk for some reason.


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