The Wardrobe Mistress 4 (Second Part: Chapters 11 – 12)



We get to know the people from the theatre. Hugo Brennan is in charge of design and Vanessa works closely with. The man is a bit of a scatterbrain and too relaxed in his work. There is also a young woman, Tanith Stacey, who is the stage manager deputy and seems to like Alistair a bit too much.

Apart from these two who are workers in the theatre, Vanessa meets the late owner’s relatives: his two sisters, his brother-in-law, and nephew. Sylvia and Terence Rolf are quite stiff and are bitter that Wilton Bovary have left the theatre to Alistair. They have a son, Edwin, believes himself to be an actor, but Alistair doesn’t want him in the play they are going to do next. Barbara Bovary is the sister who is not very well liked as she is quite tyrannical in her ways. When Barbara meets Vanessa, she is openly hostile. Then when she asks Vanessa about her details, she is taken aback when she tells her her date of birth, and Barbara is also shocked when she sees the key that Eva gave her and Vanessa uses as a pendant. I wonder why. Then Vanessa discovers that there are files for all the people who have worked in the theatre, but the file for her father is empty. I am curious to know what secrets Barbara Bovary keeps and what happened with Vanessa’s father.

We also learn that what I thought about Alistair and Fern’s marriage is true. The reason why he left Fern is because a man answered the phone, and he tells Vanessa that the same man took a call he made the day Fern went to Paris. So he thinks she has a lover, and he also tells Vanessa that he can’t divorce Fern because as a man he can’t face the wound to his pride that a divorce would be.


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