The Wardrobe Mistress 2 (Second Part: Chapter 8)


Vanessa goes to stay with Fern in her house in London.

Fern makes reference to Alistair, but she refuses to speak about the reason why she and Alistair are estranged. When Vanessa gets to the theatre, Alistair is there. She knows that Vanessa was coming even though the advertisement was for a man, and Vanessa only wrote her initials and surname, intentionally omitting that she was a woman. As a matter of fact, we learn from Alistair that there was a mistake in the advertisement as it should have been for a props master, and not a wardrobe master.

Vanessa is stubborn, and she is determined to get the post even though Alistair gives her many reasons why she should be happy with being a seamstress or an assistant. She has no experience with drama costumes, and then he tells her that one of his late godfather’s sisters, who are also part of the theatre, hate wardrobe mistresses, and that is why the post is for a man. When Vanessa bids him goodbye, she is pretty sure that she hasn’t got the job.

I like Vanessa and how she has no misgivings in expressing her views. The interaction between her and Alistair is enchanting. I am curious to know what the real reason for the break-up of Alistair and Fern is. I think that it is a lover, but then why does he tell Vanessa that he hopes that he could be with Fern? I thought he was hurt and disappointed in her.


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