Holding 3 (Part I – Chapters 9 – 14)



The novel has taken a very interesting turning. The day that JP goes to question Evelyn, Brid Riordan drives to Evelyn’s house, but when she sees the Garda, she keeps driving to a nearby village, not wanting to be questioned. She ends up in a pub and gets so drunk that the young man behind the counter has to help her leave. In the car she falls asleep and when she wakes up, she realises it is past five, and she should have gone and picked up the children. So she rushes back to the village, and the school is deserted. Desperate and thinking that a neighbour must have taken the children back to the house, she drives there, but the house is in darkness, and when she goes inside, there is an envelope on the worktop in the kitchen. It is from Anthony, her husband, saying he has taken the children to his mother’s since the situation at home is not fair for her.

Brid breaks down, sobbing and like she usually does, she turns to the drink. Then there is a knock at the door. It is the Sergeant, who comes to question her. Yet, Brid starts weeping when she says that her husband has taken the children. Then to JP’s surprise she hugs him, and he has no option but to hug her back, but both of them find comfort in the warmth the other gives. And then they start kissing and they end up in bed.

The following morning JP wonders what Brid will say because he is aware that she was three sheets to the wind. 🙂 Yet, Brid doesn’t seem to regret it, and JP finds that he likes her.

Another surprise expects JP when Evelyn Ross’s calls on him to bring him a loaf of bread she has baked, and invites him to go with her and her sisters to a candlelit concert in the local church. JP is flabbergasted as from being a loner, he now has the attention of two women. He is not a fool and knows that Brid is married and a woman like Evelyn can’t be interested in someone like him, but even so, it boosts his confidence and makes him feel right about himself.

The day of the candlelit concert he goes with Evelyn and the other two sisters to the concert, which he enjoys, and Brid and her husband are also there. The day after she slept with JP, she decided to drive to her mother-in-law’s  and sort out things with Anthony. It is clear that Brid has never loved her husband, who he finds irritating and boring. She had to marry him because her mother forced her after Tommy allegedly went away, and she knew that all Anthony wanted was the farm that she had inherited. In her mother-in-law’s, Brid promises her husband that she will be good and will not drink more, and he finally agrees to go home with the children. Now as they attend the concert and she sees PJ with Evelyn, Brid feels jealousy hit her, and she doesn’t know if it is because it is Evelyn, her sworn ‘enemy’, PJ is with, or just because he is with another woman.

The following day trying to escape temptation, Brid drives her car to the cliffs, and it is while she is there that PJ turns up. He apologises for what happened on Sunday as it wasn’t very professional of his, but Brid reassures him, saying that she had fun and doesn’t regret it. Then PJ sheepishly asks her if he can ask her some questions about Little Tommy, and Brid tells him about the engagement, the fight with Evelyn Ross, and how her mother came saying that some people had seen him take the bus to Cork. Then as Brid is talking, PJ has to take a cold, and there comes a big surprise. It is forensics, saying that the body found on the Burke property isn’t Tommy’s. So who do the bones belong to? Does this mean that Tommy killed someone and then fled? Where is Tommy then?


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