Holding 2 (Part I – Chapter 8)


Sergean J.P. Collins goes to see Evelyn Ross and ask her about Little Tommy Burke.

We learn that Evelyn started to go to his place to help him with the housework. Evelyn became besotted when one day he appeared, fresh out of the shower, without his shirt on. From that moment on Evelyn dreamt of the day she would live with Tommy in his house. Yet, I get the impression that he never encouraged her to think he was interested, or at least, that is what I gather from Evelyn’s words. Then some time later he gave her a present, a scarf embroidered with roses, and from that gift she understood that he was interested in her, but still he didn’t say anything. When the following morning his engagement to Brid was announced in the newspaper, her sisters teased her mercilessly, and Evelyn went to Tommy’s house to demand an explanation and tell him that she wouldn’t work for him anymore. Yet, he wasn’t in the house; it was locked and when she got herself in, she threw herself in his bed and cried bitter tears. The last time Evelyn saw him was when he gave her the scarf.

Now after she tells JP most of her story, she makes an accusation. She thinks the body found is Tommy, and she firmly believes that Brid Riordan killed him. JP just listens to her but doesn’t make any comment, which upsets Evelyn. The Garda tells her that it is too soon to make allegations like that when they don’t even know for sure that the bones belong to Tommy.

This is quite interesting. So far Tommy is a mystery, and his relationship with these two women is difficult to define. Is Evelyn right in thinking that Tommy loved her, just based on the gift that he gave her? And what about Brid? Did he love her, or did he ask her because he knew that he would get the land she had inherited? And if the body that has been found is Tommy’s, was he really killed? And why? Did these two women have anything to do with his death? Or maybe someone else? Maybe Evelyn’s sisters?


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