After I’ve Gone 5 – The End (53% – end)




I am quite happy with the ending. It is true that I felt frustrated by Jess and her foolish behaviour, but in the end she got her act together and did the right thing.

Jess goes to her wedding with apprehension, but she tells herself that she won’t let the posts dampen her happiness with Lee. It is after the honeymoon that things go from bad to worse, especially when she gets pregnant three weeks after returning back home. Lee is ecstatic about the baby, but he becomes moodier and moodier. One example is when he tells Jess that she should stop seeing Sadie as she now has nothing in common with her. Jess is outraged, and as they fight, Lee hurls the remote control at her, almost hitting her. He also keeps saying that she has to leave work and should do after the baby is born, which is something Jess doesn’t agree on. He ends up getting his way when Jess is heavy with the baby, and according to her, she doesn’t have the looks now that the company wants for their receptionist, and then her direct boss, Carl, lets her go, using the same argument, and Jess is pretty convinced that her dismissal comes from Lee. On Christmas Jess’s dad lets out that when her mother died, Jess had to go to hospital after a nervous breakdown. Lee isn’t happy with Jess keeping that from him, and he gives her the silent treatment all the way home, and at home he is vile with her and even hurts her by squeezing her wrist hard. All these times Lee is apologetic the following day, and Jess is always understanding despite what she knows will happen.

The posts on her Facebook page keep coming. Through her dad, Joe, and Angela, she learns that Lee is finally arrested and there is a trial. During the trial Lee’s former girlfriend testifies and brings her medical history of the times she had to be treated after being beaten by Lee, and she also shows the X-ray when Lee broke her jaw. Jess’s cleaner Farah also testifies, telling the jury how she saw the bruises that Jess tried to cover and also found bloody tissues in the bins, and the last piece of evidence is a broken tooth, which a dentist later claims that Jess went there to replace with a crown. Sadie also speaks about the bruises that she saw and the letter in which Jess asked her not to let Lee keep the baby if something happened to her.

Despite all the testimonies, Lee is acquitted because the trial wasn’t about his behaviour with other women or with Jess, but whether he had killed Jess, and there is no evidence that proves that he killed his wife in the bathroom. Jess died when she allegedly slipped in the bathtub and hit her head. What we learn later from Angela’s entries is that Angela found Jess bleeding, but she didn’t try to help her. Instead, she took the baby to her house and left her daughter-in-law bleed to death.

As Jess reads all these posts and Lee’s behaviour shows that he is more than capable of killing her. So when in an antenatal class there is a silly activity about when mums and dads expect to have sex after the birth of their babies, Jess and Lee mark opposite answers: him, three days after the birth, and Jess, three months. Lee feels she has humiliated, and once again he gives her the silent treatment, and when they are home, he slaps her hard and shouts abuse at her. Jess sleeps that night on the sofa, and when she is awake, Lee is apologetic again. This time he tells her about seeing his mother being beaten by his father, and she swears she won’t be like his father. Jess tells her that he needs help, and he agrees. Then when she asks her if he has hit other women before, he hesitates and denies it. Jess feels bitterly disappointed that he has lied to her, and she makes a decision. She won’t wait for him to kill her because she doesn’t want her son to live with this man and Angela.

So she packs some of her things, and before leaving, she has a shower. While she is in the shower, she hears the door open and panics. Angela appears then and demands to know why there is a suitcase in the hall. Jess doesn’t lie and tells her about her intention to leave Lee, and she also says about what Angela knows her son does. Angela gets angry and desperate, and as she wrestle with Jess when she tries to get out of the bathtub, Jess slips and falls. Angela panics, and in relief she realises that Jess is awake, but she is crying in pain. She is now in labour, so Jess demands she call the ambulance and her dad. When the paramedics take her away, Jess lets Angela know that she doesn’t want her or Lee in the hospital.

In the hospital Jess’s dad come and he brings Sadie with her. The girl gets to be her labour partner, and Jess gives birth to her son, but she doesn’t call him Harrison as Lee intended, but Harry, after one of her favourite characters, Harry Potter. As soon as she sees her baby, she is besotted with him.

Sadie posts a photograph of Jess and Harry on Facebook, and Angela sees it. When that evening Lee comes home, Angela talks to him about Jess leaving him and having the baby. Lee is about to leave for the hospital, but Angela stops him and talks to him as she should have done years ago. In a categorical tone she tells him that she won’t be covering up what he does to women any longer, and if he dares to come closer to Jess and the baby, she will post what he has done on Facebook. She also demands he get some help.

I am so glad that Jess finally made the right decision and left Lee.  No woman (or man) should allow their partner to treat them other than with respect. I am also glad that Jess realised that she needed to try to be Jess Mount again, because after meeting Lee, she has become someone she could hardly recognise.


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