After I’ve Gone 4 (45% – 53%)



My, my!!! Jess exasperates me!!! She is so foolish. She seems to believe that the posts on the Internet are her real future, and I have the impression that she agrees to marry Lee because that is what the posts say is her destiny and because she wants Harrison to be born. Her attitude after the engagement leaves much to be desired. The first person who she tells about the engagement is not her dad but Lee’s creepy mum, who is as bullyish as her son. She takes over and decides that she will arrange everything about the wedding, and when Jess hints that she will take her best friend to buy her wedding dress, the woman almost orders not to, and she will go instead with Jess. And Jess lets her and Lee bulldoze her into agreeing to that.

Where is the confident girl from the beginning of the book? She has become a doormat. The only time when she stands up to others is with the people who actually love her: her father and Sadie. Jess is blind, and when her father tells her about his concerns, she almost bites his head off even if she knows he is right. She doesn’t know a thing about Lee. She doesn’t even know his friends or his plans for the future. Joe, her father, who is a very soft-hearted man, finally caves in as he doesn’t want problems with his daughter.

Sadie, though, has no problem in saying what is in her mind when they meet for lunch and Jess tells her about the engagement. Jess acts all offended, and she gives her an ultimatum: either she is happy for her  or she will have to butt out of her life.  The way Jess expresses this implies that she doesn’t seem to care whether Sadie is her friend any longer, so naturally, Sadie walks out on her. Jess is behaving so selfishly with those who don’t deserve this kind of hostility from her. I am sorry that Lee has changed Jess so much that not even Sadie can recognize her friend, and the problem is that Jess only sees through his eyes. She even asks him for permission like when his mum said that Jess and she have to buy the wedding dress together, and Jess turns to him as if hoping for his verdict. And she even stops herself from doing or liking things because she knows that Lee doesn’t want to do them. Where is the real Jess? What has happened to her?

And then even though she believes the posts, she doesn’t believe Sadie or even her dad. The police in 2017 have gone to question Joe, and Sadie is doing her own investigation. She has located Lee’s former girlfriend, Emma, who he beat her to a pulp, and in a trip to Venice he broke her jaw, a waitress being the witness. Then Emma left him and moved to London. Sadie gives all these details in her post, and Jess knows about the waitress in Venice, but she still thinks that her friend is still jealous, and she justifies the thing about the girlfriend as some kind of retaliation from someone who Lee must have dumped. She even thinks that the waitress can’t be the one in her hotel as Lee told her that the one in their hotel had simply confused him with an ex-boyfriend. My, my!!! Jess, wake up!!! You are being given a chance to change the direction of your life, and you’re still doing zilch to find out if what Sadie tells you is true. It could be easy to check whether there is some truth in what Sadie says. Find Emma, please! We are talking about your life, and if what Sadie says is true, you’re walking voluntarily into the gallows!!!


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