After I’ve Gone 3 (25% – 45%)



I have to change my opinion about the characters. First, I think that Jess is not behaving well towards her friend Sally or her father. I thought she was so cheerful, honest, and had such a fresh personality when we first see her. Yet, since she started her relationship with Lee, she has changed a lot. I know that she is scared about the posts on Facebook, and since she thinks that what she reads in the posts is true, she now has a blind faith in Lee as the man of her life. That means she lets him bully her into doing things she doesn’t want to do. First, I’ve already mentioned how she lets down her friend Sadie and her sister, not keeping her promise of returning to the party because Lee wants her to stay with him. I was pretty sure from the moment he came up with other plans for Jess that she wouldn’t return to her friends. And then Lee goes on and on about her going for the post of receptionist in his company even though Jess doesn’t want to. He pressures her, reasoning that with her shifts they won’t be able to see each other, and in the end she agrees and gets the job.

This decision doesn’t sit well with Sadie. I have to say that I don’t understand Sadie’s attitude because you can’t expect your friend to be working with you all the time, and in my opinion, being a receptionist sounds much better than working at a cinema. Yet, what I don’t approve of is that Jess agrees to go for the job because Lee tells her to, and not because she wants to do it. Her father has misgivings about Jess’s latest decisions because of Lee, but Jess can’t accept her father saying a word against Lee, and she almost bites him when he tries to talk to her. I think Jess is not treating her father right, and she doesn’t even want to introduce him to Lee because they live in a modest house, and she feels ashamed!!! That is the most horrible thing that Jess could feel. This is the man who gave you life, raised you, and helped you when your mum died, and you feel ashamed because your fancy man is all luxury and riches!!!

Apart from these little things about Lee, we get to learn that Jess can be in a vulnerable position. She still gets posts on her Facebook about her alleged future. It is Sadie in a private message that mentions a letter that Jess apparently wrote, and Sadie intends to go to the police with the letter because she knows that Jess’s death was not accidental. Then in the following message Sadie explains that the police didn’t heed her, and she mentions something important. She thinks that it is Lee who got Jess dead.

After reading the message, Jess can’t believe what Sadie is telling her about her future. She still thinks that Sadie is jealous and that is why she is this suspicious of Lee. Things at present are not good between Sadie and Jess. The last straw is on Jess’s last day at the cinema. Sadie has been stiff with her since she told her about the new job, but today Sadie agrees to go out for a drink with her and Lee. That way, Lee and Sadie can get to know each other. When they leave work, Lee hardly registers Sadie and gives her a perfunctory look when Jess introduces her to him. Then Lee comes up with a surprise; he has booked a holiday in Venice for the next week. They are having a temp to replace Jess that week, and they are leaving tomorrow. Jess is ecstatic, and Lee tells her that he will drive her home  so that she can pack and spend the night in his apartment so that they can leave early in the morning. Then Jess remembers poor Sadie, and she doesn’t even try to change Lee’s plan to stop for a drink for Sadie!!! Jess tells her that they can give her a lift home, but Sadie declines. How can she not!!! And Jess doesn’t insist and lets her friend go home!!! If I had been Sadie, I had felt so miserable and sad!!! Some friend Jess is!!!

Jess isn’t very nice when she tells her father, and once again he tells her that she is rushing things. She has read those posts from him, which she believes are truly from the future, and she doesn’t stop to think that this is a man who loves her genuinely. Hasn’t she stopped to think that there are no posts from Lee in the future? Doesn’t that tell her anything? When she packs her things, it is through duress that she agrees to introduce her father to Lee. Silly woman!!!

In Venice Jess starts to see something new about Lee. They stay in a swanky hotel room, and when a waitress comes to the room to serve them breakfast, she looks at Lee as if she recognises him, and as she gets startled, she drops the tea tray. Lee reacts angrily, shouting and with venom in his eyes, and the poor waitress runs out of the room in tears. Jess is shocked and scolds Lee. Actually, Jess is scared of him after seeing the way she has acted towards the waitress. Lee apologises to Jess and justifies his behaviour by saying that he got upset because he wanted everything to be perfect for her. Then a male waiter comes to clean the broken cups, and Jess hears Lee tell him something, and when she asks him, he says that the man explained that the waitress had mistaken her with her ex-boyfriend. They don’t see the waitress again, and then the last day Lee goes and proposes to Jess. Since Jess thinks that Lee is her future husband and Harrison’s dad as she has read in the posts, she doesn’t hesitate to accept and doesn’t stop to think that she doesn’t know much about this man. She is so, so, so stupid!!! And then when they leave for the airport, Jess finds a folded card in her luggage, telling her to be careful. I imagine that this comes from the waitress. So who is this waitress? Did she use to know Lee intimately? Or did Lee bring other girlfriends to the hotel and she knows what kind of man he is? I have the hunch that Lee hides something, and he is going to turn out to be a very dangerous man. I feel miffed that Jess, who sounded so confident at the beginning or the book, has turned into this needy, silly woman, who can’t see what is really important.


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