After I’ve Gone 2 (5% – 10%)



The email I mentioned in my previous entry is not really an email, but a post on Facebook from Sadie. Jess reads the post, and at once she calls Sadie, telling her that it is not a very funny joke to imply she is dead. Sadie swears that she didn’t post anything, and Jess reads some comments to the post from people she knows. Sadie goes to her Facebook page, but she can’t see anything there, so she imagines that someone hacked into Jess’s page.

Jess tries to post a comment, but she can’t. Then the following day there is a post from her dad, also mentioning her death and how she died in an accident. The strange thing is that the date of this post is in July 2017, eighteen months later, and she finds out that you can change dates on Facebook, but only for past dates. You can’t do anything about future dates, so it doesn’t make sense how she can see a post that is dated in July 2017.  Jess doesn’t tell anything to her father, and when she meets Sadie to go to work on the train, the posts are gone. Sadie hints that maybe Nina, their manager, was the one to hack into her account, and when Jess confronts her, the woman denies knowing anything about the posts.

At work she sees the posts on Facebook again, and once again she tries to show Sadie, but when she does so, there is nothing. It is as if she is the only one to see her. AT home, there is another post from Sadie, also dated in July 2017, and it is about Jess’s death, and she also mentions Lee as Jess’s boyfriend. Lee is the man who Jess is going out with on Wednesday, and she wonders if someone hacked her account how they could mention Lee when nobody but for Sadie and her father know about him. Sadie also mentions someone called H, and how she could look after him. Jess is freaking out, thinking that she is losing her mind, and then when she tries to photograph the posts, she is unable to do so. The screen comes out without the posts even though they are on her Facebook wall. We know that Jess had a problem recently after her relationship with her previous boyfriend Callum, but it is not clear what happened to her. It is hinted that she had a mental breakdown of some kind, and that is why Sadie is ready to believe that she is going through something different.

So what does this mean? Is Jess able to see the future through these Facebook posts? Is she going to die? Is H the baby she will have with Lee? Is this real or is someone trying to play with her?

Very original and interesting!!! I can’t wait to see what happens. I just hope Jess doesn’t die!!!



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