After I’ve Gone 2 (10% – 25%)



Jess keeps getting posts from her father and friends, mourning from her. From the posts she can see what her life is like in eighteen months’ time. She learns that she marries Lee and has a baby, Harrison. Jess has no explanation to what is happening to her. She is inclined to believe that she is going mental. We know that when her mother died, she had to stay in a hospital because I imagined she had a nervous breakdown. There is some hints about her fears when she and Sadie takes the train as she is afraid when the train shudders or jerks. It seems that she was on a train when an incident took place. So how do these two events match, her unravelling after her mother’s death and the train incident? Now as I mention this, an idea has cropped up. What if the accident that apparently Jess dies in involves the train? What if all she is living now is a dream because she is in a coma? I read a book once, and the premise was what I have just mentioned. A woman is in a coma after being in an accident, and all the strange events we read about are actually what her mind dreams about.

That is only a hypothesis, but maybe there is another explanation. Jess even wonders if someone is trying to warn her about what her life will be like if she follows the road she is starting now. I think that is quite far-fetched. So I really don’t know. Apart from this guess of mine, I don’t know what to think. I hope that the book surprises me at the end.

Apart from the posts about her death, we see Jess and Lee in their newly-born relationship. They have their first date, and Jess realises that she likes him very much. To her surprise, she even tells him about her mother dying seven years ago, which is something she doesn’t tell many people about. Lee tells her about her parents being divorced, but he doesn’t get into details, and Jess feels that Lee doesn’t want to talk about it. Then a few pages later we are introduced to another character, Angela, who is Lee’s mother.

Angela works in a supermarket, but she has Thursdays off because that is the day when Lee comes for lunch. We get the impression that there are secrets that Angela and Lee share. Angela mentions Lee’s father, which is something she and Lee don’t talk about. What? Why doesn’t Lee see his father? What is wrong? Angela also mentions Emma, who I think is one of Lee’s former girlfriends, and it seems this story ended badly. And then when Lee goes after lunch, Angela goes to her room and under the bed she pulls out a drawer full of baby clothes, which she hopes will be for her first grandchild. This is kind of weird, and I don’t know what to think of Angela. This detail makes her appear a bit creepy.

Little by little, the relationship between Jess and Lee is getting stronger. Yet, I don’t know if Jess is neglecting her friends. When she is supposed to go to Sadie’s little sister’s birthday (a girl she has known since she was a baby), she then agrees to go with Lee to some kind of award ceremony, so she lets Sadie down. I think that Sadie feels miffed, and I have the hunch that they might drift apart as Jess gets closer to Lee. So far, I like Lee, but I wonder if he is really good for Jess after all.


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