The Rumour 3 (29% – 35%)



There is a second rumour that starts circulating, which starts when Hope picks Brick up from Calgary’s house. When they are in the car, Brick starts questioning her about Allegra and Ian, and this distracts Hope that she momentarily veers off the lane. As a result, a policeman pulls her over. The policeman is Curren Brancall, who is the brother of Allegra’s best friend. Curren seems intent to penalise Hope, but he finally lets her go. Yet, when Hope wakes up the next morning, she finds a very angry Allegra. Apparently, Curren called her sister and told her about pulling over Hope and Brick, and he told her that it was clear that they had been fooling around. Allegra is angry that her sister could get off with her boyfriend behind her back, and even though Hope denies it, Allegra doesn’t believe her and swears she will tell everybody that she is the greatest slag in town.

The rumour then starts when Curren tells what he saw that night, and people start to embellish the story, saying that they had sex in the car and all their clothes were scattered all outside the vehicle. I feel sorry that Hope, who has only tried to help Brick, has to be the victim of all this wicked gossip, and I am afraid that this might spoil her chances with Brick.

As for Grace, she is totally besotted with Benton. However, when they are kissing one day, they are almost caught by Hope, who returns from school earlier. Benton realises that he can’t put Grace’s life at risk, and he makes the decision to stop coming over for a while. Grace and Madeline talk, and Grace lets Madeline convince her that she is not in love with Benton, but with her family, and she ends up agreeing even though she knows she is lying. As a matter of fact, she knows she is in love with Benton. So when he returns a few days later, they can’t contain themselves, and they end up having sex. This story won’t last happily, I’m afraid. Either Grace ends up divorcing Eddie or she will have her heart broken.



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