New Book – After I’ve Gone by Linda Green (1% – 5%)


Publishing year: 2017

The introduction of the book tells us about losing a mother to timely death.

So I imagine that the main character’s mother died when she was too young.

The next chapter is titled Jess, whose perspective we read about. Jess and her friend Sadie are commuting to work, when Jess feels someone groping her bottom. Jess is loud and opinionated, and gives the man a piece of her mind, so the man flees sheepishly. Another man who has heard her makes a friendly comment, but Jess is still angry and replies curtly, so he leaves.

When Jess and Sadie are buying something for breakfast, the second man appears holding some nice flowers, which he gives Jess in apology, and he admits that he wants to ask her out. Since he doesn’t want to put her foot in it again, he simply leaves his business card, and Jess can contact her if she wants to.

Jess laughs off what happened with the man who gave her flowers, and she and Sadie get to the cinema where they work. In her break Jess reads the card. The man’s name is Lee and works as a PR. Jess texts him, and they agree to meet the following Wednesday.

At home Jess lives with her father, and we understand that her mother died, and I guess that she is the narrator in the prologue. Jess’s father is quite protective, and when she tells him how he got the flowers and about her agreeing to meet Lee, the man finds the whole episode quite weird, and he doesn’t think it is good for his daughter to meet a stranger. Yet, since Jess is so fresh and full of humour, she manages to make her father come round.

Then after the chapter there is an email from Sadie to Jess. Sadie writes to her friend, telling her that her father had told her, and we understand that Jess has died. So what has happened? I am not sure if this is a thriller because I don’t like to read the blurbs of the books I start as I don’t want to have any preconceived ideas about it. So I don’t know if Jess’s death is the main theme of the story and the book is a thriller, or maybe the novel is going in some other direction. It’s intriguing, so I am dying to know more.


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